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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(92) by Anne Bishop
  • Thera responded with a cool, measuring stare. “You’ve risked yourself and your land’s future to bring some people out of Raej—which really means out of Dorothea’s control. One of those people has been trying to betray you during every step of this journey. The enemy’s remained undetected because he’s linked somehow with Garth. I got that much. It’s ingenious, actually. That link produces a sense of—”

    “Wrongness,” Lia whispered.

    “Wrongness,” Thera agreed. “Nothing to trace, nothing to detect, no stray thoughts or emotions that might alert someone. All of that is channeled to the one person whose psychic scent is already fouled.” She paused. “I’m with Jared on this. Once the enemy realizes the protection he’s been hiding behind has fallen, he’ll have to bolt or strike. You need a stronger escort than we can give you to get back to Dena Nehele.”

    “Wait a minute,” Lia said, sitting up straight.

    “No,you wait, Lady.” Thera’s green eyes flashed. “You’ve been the target all along. Not us, Lia.You . Don’t try to deny it. You’ll only sound like a fool.”

    Gray eyes clashed with green.

    Jared braced himself, not sure what to expect.

    Lia lowered her eyes first. Leaning forward, she rammed her fingers into her hair. “How did it go so wrong?” she asked no one.

    “Dorothea’s probably asking the same thing,” Thera said dryly.

    Lia looked up. “You could go. There’s nothing to hold you. No one will stop you, any of you, from catching the Winds and going home.”

    Thera took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “If you make that same offer to everyone here, some, like Tomas and Cathryn, will stay with you because there’s nowhere they’d rather be; some will stay to safeguard Dena Nehele’s future; and one will stay to destroy it.”

    Thera took a last sip of whiskey and handed the bottle to Blaed. “I’ve decided I’d like to settle in Dena Nehele and take you up on your offer to finish my training with your mother, if she’ll have me. So I have a strong interest in the land’s future and the Queen who will rule there. Besides, I’m not going to raise my children in a Territory that stands in Hayll’s shadow.”

    Blaed paled, then gulped some whiskey. “W-whose children?”

    “Probably yours.” Thera snapped. “Unless you annoy me too much.”

    Blaed took another gulp of whiskey. As he linked his fingers with Thera’s, he gave them all a silly grin. “We’re really not slaves?”

    Lia wrapped her arms around her stomach, bit her lower lip, and shook her head.

    Blaed’s grin got sillier when he looked at Jared. “Is there a Priestess in this village of yours?”

    “What?” Thera yelped.

    Jared coughed politely. “There used to be. I’m sure she’d be pleased to officiate over a handfast.”

    “Wait a minute!” Thera growled, tugging futilely to free her hand. “I haven’t agreed to—”

    “Excuse me,” Lia said in a strangled voice. “I have to find a bush.” She flung the door open and tumbled out of the wagon.

    “I’d better—” Jared began.

    “Stay,” Thera said.

    Tomas was right. Shedid get a look in her eyes that could singe a man’s ball hairs.

    “Sorry,” Jared muttered as he bolted out the door.

    Thera’s shout was muffled by the wagon door banging shut.

    Ignoring a stab of envy, Jared corked the whiskey bottle and vanished it.

    And realized he was missing a witch.

    A quick probe of the surrounding area was rewarded by an annoyed mental jab.

    A minute later, Lia emerged from behind the bushes, less than pleased to see him.

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