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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(98) by Anne Bishop
  • “Enough, Jared,” a harsh voice yelled in his ear.

    He understood it now. Create a frame around the Jewel stars. Hold the power within that frame.

    He turned slightly, his eyes seeing and yet not seeing the boulders on the other side of the road.

    A box. A neat box to hold those little candles. His mental frame brushed against a Summer-sky star. Recognizing the psychic scent, he pulled the frame away from Corry’s terrified mind.

    And unleashed again.

    More Jewel stars burst. Died.

    A fist clipped his chin, snapping his head back.

    Snarling, Jared twisted to face whoever dared interfere with him.

    Fear filled Randolf s brown eyes—fear and grim acceptance.

    Jared blinked.

    The heartbeat drum sped up.

    Before he was aware of it, he slid away from the killing edge.

    He blinked again and looked around.

    Randolf hadn’t told him the psychic explosion might also manifest as physical destruction.

    Jared stared at the shattered faces, the exploded heads.

    Breaking away from Randolf’s restraining hands, Jared leaned over the boulder that had been giving them a little cover and heaved.

    A strong, callused hand covered his forehead. Another hand soothingly rubbed his back.

    “You could have told me,” Jared gasped. He heaved again.

    “Would have made it harder for you,” Randolf said roughly.

    Panting, Jared tried to spit out the sick taste. He straightened up slowly.

    Randolf took a step back.

    “Have you ever done that?” Jared asked, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

    Randolf nodded. “Yeah. I’ve done it. There are good reasons why the dark-Jeweled Blood are feared, Jared.”

    A blast of power striking a nearby boulder reminded them that the battle wasn’t over.

    Jared threw a Red shield around both of them. They sprinted across the road, choosing a place that would hide them from anyone above them.

    “Hell’s fire,” Randolf said with grudging admiration. “Despite all the power they’re throwing against her, the Black Widow is still managing to hold that Green shield.”

    On the other side of that shield, dozens of marauders continued to unleash the strength of their Jewels, trying to break through.

    The blasts of power coming from their side of the road were mostly focused on the remains of the wagon. Thera was probably using it for cover. Was Lia with her?

    Jared pushed away from the boulders, feeling a little light-headed. “Shall we give the Ladies a hand?”

    Randolf grabbed his arm and yanked him down.

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