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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(15) by Anne Bishop
  • Daemon cupped her face in his hands. “You need to wear a hat when you go out in the sun,” he purred.

    “You don’t wear a hat.”

    “My nose doesn’t turn bright pink and peel.”

    She frowned at Daemon.

    “And since I adore that nose,” Daemon said, kissing the tip of the adored nose, “and the rest of your face, and the rest of you . . .”

    Daemon’s hands caressed her lightly but thoroughly as they traveled along her shoulders and down her back, his arms wrapping her tight against him as his mouth covered hers in a kiss that . . .

    Theran felt his legs go weak. He should avert his eyes, give Sadi and the woman some token of privacy. But he couldn’t look away.

    He wanted that kind of heat and hunger. Hoped he’d find it with the new Queen who would rule Dena Nehele.

    And hoped he could get out of this room very, very soon.

    How in the name of Hell did anyone else manage to live here?

    Sadi finally ended the kiss and loosened his hold. His lover braced her hands against his chest as if to push away but didn’t move.

    “Mother Night,” she muttered. On her second try, she managed to push away from Sadi and stand on her own. Then she studied the warm golden eyes that were watching her. “Fine. I’ll wear the damn hat.”

    “Thank you,” Daemon purred.

    “Pleased with yourself, aren’t you?”

    A flashing grin was her answer.

    As she headed for the door, Daemon caught her and turned her around.

    “There’s someone I want you to meet,” Daemon said.

    Theran felt those blue eyes lock on to his face, and would have sworn they changed to a darker blue, a sapphire blue that became a doorway to something dangerous, something feral. Something he couldn’t name but knew he didn’t want to see.

    “This is the Warlord Prince Theran Grayhaven, from Dena Nehele,” Daemon said. “He hasn’t said, but I believe he can trace his bloodline back to Jared, a Warlord I knew a few centuries ago.”

    “Jared,” she said in a voice that made Theran shiver. “And Lia?”

    Afraid to answer—and more afraid not to—Theran nodded.

    He couldn’t look away from those sapphire eyes.

    Then her eyes were simply blue again. “Welcome to the Hall, Prince Grayhaven.”

    Maybe it was because he was getting used to the feel of being in a room with Sadi that he was finally getting some sense of the woman.

    A Queen. He felt certain she was a Queen. That caste had a distinctive psychic scent. But he couldn’t figure out if she wore a lighter Jewel or a dark one. She seemed to circle around his own Green, feeling lighter one moment and darker the next.

    Your wits must still be addled, he thought. The Blood had a Birthright Jewel and a Jewel of rank, and each had a clear, separate feel. Since surviving could sometimes depend on knowing if the person you were facing wore a darker Jewel than your own, conflicting information like he was picking up from the woman could prove deadly.

    “Prince Grayhaven,” Daemon said,“this is my wife, the Lady Jaenelle Angelline.”

    “It is a pleasure, Lady.”

    A horse bugled, a sound full of annoyance, followed a moment later by hooves thundering down on a hard surface.

    Jaenelle hitched a thumb over her shoulder. “My ride is getting impatient.”

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