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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(151) by Anne Bishop
  • “Are you planning to sell this piece when it’s done?” Cassidy asked.

    Tension flashed through the landens, the emotion so strong it surprised a growl out of Vae in response.

    “Why?” the man asked roughly.

    “Because I’d like to buy it,” Cassidy said, looking confused. “As I said, it’s lovely work. The traditional design would appeal to my mother, so I’d like to buy it for her as a Winsol gift. If you think it would be completed by then,” she added, once more addressing the girl.

    The girl nodded.

    “We would be pleased to make a gift of it,” the man said.

    If you were any more pleased, you’d choke on the words, Theran thought, hearing the man’s anger and bitterness from being obliged over the years to provide a good number of “gifts” to keep his family safe.

    Bristling, Cassidy straightened to her full height. “You’ll do no such thing. If the piece is being made to sell, then you should make a reasonable profit on it. Besides, it’s not for you to decide. This is between me and the young lady. When she delivers the piece to the Grayhaven estate, we’ll sit down and discuss the price.”

    Landens in my home? Never!

    But Theran saw the man’s face turn white with fear, and he wondered what had happened to other landens who had gone up to the estate.

    “Is it a bargain?” Cassidy asked, holding out a hand.

    The girl glanced at her father, confused enough by the tension to hesitate.

    *You are supposed to shake hands now,* Vae said. *That is what humans do for bargains.*

    Stunned looks all around as the people stared at the Sceltie.

    *I like this human puppy,* Vae said, wagging her tail. *She has good smells.*

    The woman clapped a hand over her mouth. Her eyes were bright with laughter. The man looked like he’d been whacked in the head.

    “I know the feeling,” Theran muttered.

    A flash of humor in the man’s eyes.

    Seeing the change in her father, and intrigued by a talking dog, the girl shook hands with Cassidy, sealing their bargain.

    And that, thank the Darkness, would end this visit.

    After bidding them all a good day, Cassidy headed back to the pony cart. She smiled at him as he fell into step beside her, as if nothing unusual had happened.

    It hadn’t, he realized. Not for her. This wasn’t the first time she had purchased something from a landen.

    What kind of place was Dharo that a Queen would shop in a landen village? Or was it that, wearing a Rose Jewel, Cassidy didn’t feel as different from landens as the darker-Jeweled Blood?

    He didn’t have answers. Wasn’t sure he wanted any. But he had to let the rest of the First Circle know about their Queen’s potential for doing the unusual.

    Vae growled. That was the only warning he had before he heard a child scream in pain and a man roar in outrage.

    Theran spun around to meet the threat. When he saw the two adolescent Warlords standing a few paces away from the weaver’s table, he hesitated.

    Cassidy didn’t. She ran back to the landen family.

    He—and the guards—felt the punch of Rose power and saw one adolescent Warlord get knocked off his feet. The other young Warlord staggered under the punch, but he wore a Summer-sky Jewel and was able to absorb most of Cassidy’s strike.

    Rose shields went up in front of the landens. Rose shields went up around Cassidy as she called in a round-headed club and settled into a fighting stance.

    “You bitch!” A man old enough to be the Warlords’ father ran toward them. “I’ll teach you a lesson, bitch.”

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