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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(158) by Anne Bishop
  • She gave him a puzzled look. “I told Lucivar to give Saetan a nudge that would remind him of his family as it is, here and now. You would be able to get him to the border, but that reminder is what Saetan would need to take those last steps out of the Twisted Kingdom.”

    Daemon laughed. “Well, it was a damn good bluff, threatening to toss Daemonar into the library unsupervised and let him at the books.”

    Jaenelle dropped the silverware. “What? Lucivar said what?”

    Daemon turned away from the stove and studied Jaenelle’s pale face.

    “That was your bluff, wasn’t it?” Daemon asked, feeling the blood draining out of his head.

    “I would never threaten Papa that way.”

    “Hell’s fire.”

    “Daemon? Daemon!”

    One moment he was standing by the stove. The next moment he was sitting on the floor with Jaenelle kneeling beside him.

    “That wasn’t your idea?” he asked weakly.

    She shook her head.

    “Lucivar is Eyrien.”

    “I know,” she said.

    “He wears Ebon-gray.”

    “I know.”

    “He doesn’t bluff.”

    She plopped on the floor beside him. They sat there for several minutes before she said, “Did Saetan think it was a bluff?”

    “I’m sure he did—at least after he woke up and thought, as I did, that you had told Lucivar to say that.”


    They pondered that for a few more minutes while their meal got cold.

    “So,” Jaenelle finally said, “how long do you want to wait before we explain this to Papa?”

    No point having children who could match a man’s temper if they weren’t going to be a pain in the ass on occasion.

    “Let’s give him a couple of days,” he said. “By then he won’t be expecting anything.”

    “That’s mean,” Jaenelle said. “I like it.”

    Picturing the look on Saetan’s face when he discovered the library threat had been Lucivar’s idea, Daemon wrapped his arms around Jaenelle, lay back on the kitchen floor—and laughed.

    CHAPTER 30


    Shira walked into the Steward’s office and shook her head in response to the men’s unspoken question. “She wouldn’t answer the door, and Vae says Cassidy still doesn’t want to talk to anyone.”

    “Why not?” Gray said, hugging himself. “She didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “She was in a fight, Gray,” Theran said. “That’s bound to unsettle anyone, and it would be more unsettling for a Queen.”

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