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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(162) by Anne Bishop
  • Lia

    “Where in the name of Hell have you been?” Theran said the moment Cassidy stepped out on the terrace, looking happy and incredibly dirty. “Gray’s been frantic, worrying about you.”

    Hell’s fire, was he relieved to see her! At that moment, he wanted to strangle her for scaring them all so much, but he was relieved to see her.

    “Do you realize it’s midafternoon now and there’s been no sign of you—none!—since the maid found the breakfast tray outside your door?”

    “So late?” She looked startled. “I didn’t realize.”

    “Where have you been?” he shouted.

    She shifted away from him. “I was up in the attic.”

    “What for? And why didn’t you tell someone? We were ready to tear apart the town looking for you.” Not to mention having to go to Sadi and tell him they had lost the Queen.

    Vae joined them, so filthy he imagined the housekeeper was having a fit about the dog tramping through the house, and since he knew who would end up washing the little bitch, he wasn’t quite as relieved to see her.

    Especially when she growled at him.

    “And you,” he snapped, pointing at Vae. “You couldn’t have told us where Cassidy had gone? You’re always yapping about everything else.”

    *I do not yap.*

    Theran snorted.

    “Prince . . . ,” Cassidy began.


    He didn’t need to watch Gray running for the house. He watched Cassidy . . . and the way her eyes lit up when she saw Gray.

    At least that answered one question.

    “Cassie!” Gray stopped at the edge of the terrace. “There’s . . . there’s something I want to show you.”

    She smiled. “I have some things to show you too.”

    “Mine first,” Gray said.

    Her smile widened. “All right.” Then she looked at Theran and held out a rectangular wooden box, its top decorated with the Grayhaven seal. “This is for you.”

    As he took the box, his eyes asked the question.

    “I found the treasure,” Cassidy said, her face glowing with excitement under the grime. “It’s up there, Theran, along with so much of your heritage.” She took a step toward Gray, then turned back. “You look like him, you know. Jared. You look like him.”

    Stunned, he watched as Gray clasped her hand and tugged her to the surprise in the garden. Talon had told him that a few times, but how would Cassidy know?

    “Gray, wait,” Cassidy said. Too many emotions pouring off him.

    She couldn’t tell if he was happy or upset, angry or excited.

    Maybe all of them. Which meant her court would be equally upset by her unexpected absence.

    Assuming any of them noticed or gave a damn.

    You’re tired, so you’re bitchy, she scolded herself. “Gray, wait.”

    He stopped, but he looked like he was about to receive a crippling blow.

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