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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(65) by Anne Bishop
  • Her feet kept trying to find purchase, but she skimmed along the top of the grass while the Eyrien ignored her increasingly shrill demands.

    “It’s my hoe!” Cassidy yelled, still fighting the Eyrien as he yanked her up high enough to clear the terrace steps. “Let go! It’s mine!”

    “Uh-huh.” The Eyrien set her down in front of the buckets.


    A fast twist of his wrist, and the length of the hoe handle between Cassidy’s hands snapped off cleanly. He tossed it off the terrace.

    “You broke my hoe!” Cassidy wailed. “You broke my hoe!”

    As she threw down the broken pieces, the buckets rose up behind her and doused her with cold water.

    Her shriek had all of them jumping back. Except the Eyrien.

    “Have I got your attention now, witchling?” the Eyrien asked.

    “You—” Cassidy blinked. Stared at the man.

    “Yeah. Remember me?”

    “Oh, shit.” Her eyes skipped over Theran and settled on Ranon and the others before coming back to the Eyrien.

    “Listen up, Cassie, because I’ll only tell you this once,” the Eyrien said. “If you have a problem with your court, you deal with your court. And if they end up with a few bruises because of it, so be it.”

    “A Queen doesn’t do that to her court,” Cassidy said.

    The Eyrien grabbed her wrists and turned her hands palms up. “And a woman doesn’t do this to herself.”

    Theran looked at Cassidy’s hands and felt his stomach roll. How could she have done that? Why didn’t she stop?

    She looked at her hands—and grew pale.

    “You ever do anything like this again, I’ll haul you back to Kaeleer,” the Eyrien said. “And I’ll bury anyone who tries to stop me.”

    “You have no right to—”

    “You do anything like this again, I will haul you back to Kaeleer, and you can explain to your father why you did this to his daughter.”

    Kick in the gut. Her lower lip quivered. Her eyes filled with tears. The damn Eyrien knew right where to hit her to take all the fight out of her.


    “Do you have a Healer?” the Eyrien asked.

    “Yes,” Cassidy said.

    “Then you call her, and you get those hands fixed. I’ll look in on you in a little while. We’ve got some things to talk about.”

    She stumbled a little when she headed for the door, and she flinched away from him when Theran reached out to give her a little support through the doorway.

    He waited until he was sure she was out of sight and hearing before he looked at the Eyrien. “Who do you—”

    His back slammed into the house. The Eyrien’s forearm pressed against his chest, holding him in place.

    Hell’s fire. He hadn’t even seen the man move.

    “The only reason a woman does that to herself is because she’s running from pain that hurts a lot more,” the Eyrien snarled. “And in my experience, the source of that kind of pain is usually attached to a cock. I’m guessing you’re the reason she was out there this morning. Whatever the problem is, you’d better fix it. Because if I ever find her in that shape again, boyo, I will skin you alive.”

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