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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(69) by Anne Bishop
  • “Why do you know so much about yarbarah?” he asked.

    “My uncle, cousin, and older brother were demon-dead. My father is a Guardian. Yarbarah is standard fare with the family.”

    Talon took another swallow of yarbarah and frowned. “They were demon-dead?”

    “They’re gone now.”

    “And your father is . . . ?” According to some stories,Yaslana was a half-breed bastard whose bloodlines were unknown. According to other stories, Daemon Sadi shared that unknown paternal bloodline, making Sadi and Yaslana half brothers.

    “A Guardian,” Lucivar said. “One of the living dead. And the High Lord of Hell.”

    Ice twined around Talon’s spine. Saetan had sired Sadi and Yaslana? Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful!

    That explained some things about the two of them. And it made Talon wonder if going to Sadi for a favor hadn’t been a serious mistake if his brother was also going to take an interest in Dena Nehele.

    And his father as well? That wasn’t a thought Talon wanted to entertain.

    “What’s your unofficial business?” Talon asked.

    Lucivar’s gold eyes glazed. “I don’t like what I see here,Talon. I don’t like what I feel here. If it doesn’t change, I’m taking Cassidy back to Kaeleer, and I’ll leave nothing but corpses behind me.”

    “You have no right to make that decision.”

    “I say I do. Your Queen got hurt today, and not one of her court did a damn thing to stop it.”

    “Hurt? How? What happened?”

    “Ask the First Circle. Ask the First Escort, who’s lucky to still be alive.”

    “What happened?” Talon asked again.

    “I figured it was better for everyone if I didn’t ask for the details.”

    Hell’s fire.

    Something wasn’t right. Even if Yaslana was here because Sadi had asked his brother to play messenger, Lucivar’s interest in Cassidy seemed a bit too proprietary.

    “What’s your interest in a Rose-Jeweled Queen?” Talon asked. He’d tried to put it aside because Cassidy seemed a likable enough girl—and because there was something about her that pulled at him and pulled hard—but the truth was they needed strength and had gotten weakness.

    Lucivar tipped his head, and his expression changed to cold amusement. “You don’t know? Your boy Grayhaven didn’t tell you?”

    “Tell me what?”

    “The Jewels a Queen wears are not the only kind of power she wields. You should know that well enough. How many of the Queens you endured over these past few decades would have ruled at all if they hadn’t been backed by that bitch Dorothea SaDiablo?”

    “None,” Talon said bitterly. “What’s that got to do with the here and now?”

    “Connections, Prince. You looked at Cassidy’s Jewels and forgot to consider the connections.”

    “What connections?”

    “Do you know why Cassidy is here?” Lucivar asked.

    “Because Sadi’s wife is a friend of hers, and Theran’s choice was to take Cassidy or walk away without a Queen,” Talon snapped, frustrated enough to be imprudent.

    “Sadi’s wife.”

    “A Queen who doesn’t seem able to form a court of her own, even with Sadi’s backing.”

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