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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(73) by Anne Bishop
  • “Where was this dark court located?”

    Cassidy looked puzzled. “Where?”

    “Seemed like there was at least one court in every Territory that was referring to itself as a dark court,” Talon said. “I was just wondering where the one you mentioned was located.”

    “In Kaeleer, there was only one that was referred to as the Dark Court,” Cassidy said slowly. “That was the court at Ebon Askavi.”

    Mother Night.

    “With that kind of credentials, why doesn’t Sadi’s wife have a court?” Talon asked, but he was more wondering out loud than expecting an answer.

    “After she recovered from her injuries, she didn’t want to rule anymore,” Cassidy said, “and everyone was so glad she survived, they didn’t care if there was an official court.”

    “She was injured?”

    “Two years ago. It was several months before anyone knew for sure that she survived, and several more before she was fully healed.”

    Two years ago. Two years ago.

    “She got caught in that storm of power the Kaeleer army unleashed?”

    Cassidy frowned at him. “There wasn’t an army. That was Jaenelle. She unleashed her full strength and cleansed all three Realms of the Blood tainted by that bad High Priestess.”

    Talon swayed. He had felt that power when it screamed through Terreille two years ago. Had felt the bite of it before it let him go, passed him by.

    One witch had unleashed that much power? One?

    He stared at Cassidy.

    “Didn’t Theran tell you?” Cassidy asked.

    “Tell me what?”

    “Before she was injured, Jaenelle was the Queen of Ebon Askavi.”

    Theran paced the length of the larger meeting room, shooting looks at Ranon every time he passed that end of the table.

    “You’re sure Talon said to meet him here?”

    Ranon gave him a cold stare. “I’m sure. He said to give him an hour, and then he wanted to meet with the whole First Circle. Guess he got delayed.”

    By what? Theran wondered.

    When Talon walked in a few minutes later, he knew something was terribly wrong, because he’d never seen the older man look so shaken—or scared.

    “You young fool,” Talon said, heading right for him. “What did you do? What did you do?”

    Talon grabbed Theran by the shirt and shook him before giving him a shove that had him half falling on the men sitting around the table.

    “I didn’t do anything,” Theran snapped.

    “You want to think for a minute and try the answer again?” Talon roared.

    “I didn’t. Do. Anything.”

    “You forgot a few details, boy. The kind of details that could destroy all of us—and Dena Nehele as well.”

    “What details?”

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