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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(75) by Anne Bishop
  • Daemon huffed out a sigh. “Doesn’t that little beast ever get tired?”

    Saetan had an arm wrapped around his belly and his other fist pressed against his lips.

    “Oh, shit, Bastard. What did you do?”

    “He made the mistake of falling asleep,” Saetan said.

    Daemon growled. “I just thought . . . Something quiet. Just for a little while. We were sitting on the floor with sheets of sketching paper. They were big sheets. Why couldn’t he keep the paint on the paper?”

    “It would have been better if Daemon had thought to provide watercolors instead of a different kind of paint,” Saetan said.

    “And who in the name of Hell taught that boy about shields at his age?” Daemon snarled.

    Probably the wolf pups. “Wasn’t me.” Lucivar looked at both of them. “So Daemonar managed to put some kind of shield into the paint so the standard ways of removing it aren’t working? At least, not completely?”

    Saetan was going to strain a muscle trying not to laugh, and Daemon . . .

    “Besides the floor, what else did he paint?” Lucivar asked.

    A beat of silence. Then Saetan said, “He painted Unka Daemon.”

    Lucivar ended up on the floor, roaring with laughter, which might have pissed off his brother if their father hadn’t ended up on the floor too.

    “Oh, my,” Lucivar said, crawling back up on the chair. He looked at Daemon’s face, which, outside of looking unnaturally flushed, didn’t seem any different. “Where?”

    Saetan propped himself up against a chair. “Let’s just say Daemon needs to explain this to Jaenelle before he takes his shirt off.”

    Oh, shit.

    The pitcher of ale arrived at that moment, making Lucivar wonder if that was luck or his father’s exquisite sense of timing.

    For a few minutes they ate, drank, and generally avoided looking at one another.

    Then Saetan said, “So. Would you like to tell us why you were still pissed off when you walked in the room?”

    Should have known he couldn’t keep it leashed enough to hide it from those two.

    “Is there a problem?” Daemon asked.

    “Maybe.” Lucivar drained his glass and refilled it. “Cassidy got hurt. She was so focused on running from one kind of pain, she worked until she ripped up her hands.” He hesitated, then looked at Daemon. “I think Grayhaven was the cause of that pain, but I don’t know that for sure.”

    Daemon’s eyes looked glazed and a little sleepy—and the chill that was filling the room came from two sources.

    “Why didn’t you bring her back with you?” Saetan asked too softly.

    “There’s another Warlord Prince at the house. About the same age as Grayhaven. Calls himself Gray. He was tortured when he was fifteen and hasn’t recovered from it mentally or emotionally. It’s safe for him to be a boy, to be nothing that would be considered a threat.” Lucivar took a long swallow of ale. “And yet he’s the one who stepped up to the line. He’s the one who told me flat out I had no right to take his Queen anywhere. He called her Cassie.”

    “Jewels?” Saetan asked.

    “Didn’t see them, but he felt like Purple Dusk. And he felt like he should have been more.”

    “Your impression?” Daemon asked.

    “They’re not a court yet. The males are resisting, and damned if I could figure out why. So I left some instructions with Vae. I’ll be there for Cassidy’s first moontime to make sure things get sorted out. And if I don’t trust the males in her First Circle the next time I see them, I’ll bring her back.”

    “Fair enough,” Saetan said.

    “What about Gray?” Daemon asked. “Anything we can do to help him?”

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