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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(91) by Anne Bishop
  • “Poppi . . . ,” Cassidy began.

    “No,” he said firmly. “It’s best if we not have words about this.” He nodded as if he’d made some decision. “Yes, I think it’s best.”

    Theran caught sight of Ranon coming up behind the stranger and figured it was time to do his duty as First Escort before Ranon did it for him. So he said, “Lady?” in a tone that politely demanded information.

    “Oh.” Looking flustered, Cassidy linked her arm with the stranger’s and turned to face him. “Poppi, this is Prince Theran Grayhaven, my First Escort. And that’s his cousin, Gray.” She looked over her shoulder. “And that’s Prince Ranon.”

    “Gentlemen,” the man said, touching two fingers to the brim of an old brown hat.

    Certainly doesn’t look worried about facing Warlord Princes, Theran thought.

    “Prince Theran, gentlemen, this is my father, Lord Burle.”

    Theran saw Gray’s eyes widen.

    “Your father’s come to visit?” Gray asked.

    “Yes,” Cassidy said.

    “Not exactly,” Burle said. Letting go of Cassidy, he pulled a piece of paper from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed it to Cassidy.

    She opened it, read it—and just stared at it until Theran wanted to rip it out of her hands and find out what in the name of Hell was going on.

    “I don’t understand,” Cassidy finally said.

    “Seems clear enough,” Burle said.

    “I asked Prince Sadi to send a bed, a dresser, and a bookcase,” Cassidy said.

    “You left out a few details, Kitten. Instead of sending something that may not be what you wanted, the Prince sent me. Four days of my time to cobble together the furniture you wanted. If it takes longer than that to get it all done, I might have some pieces already made that will do, or we can negotiate for more time. I brought tools and lumber and other things. Was brought down by Coach, courtesy of Prince Sadi. The driver says he can leave the Coach as a supply shed while I’m here, but it’s still sitting on the landing web beyond the gates and needs to be moved out of the way, so he’ll set it wherever you want before he heads back to Kaeleer.”

    “I can take care of that,” Ranon said, looking at Cassidy. “You want it near the house?”

    “Actually . . .” Cassidy looked flustered. “The furniture is for Gray, so somewhere near the back of the gardens would probably be more convenient.”

    “For me?” Gray said, looking stunned.

    “In that case,” Burle said, “perhaps Prince Gray could give me a few minutes of his time and show me the space and give me some thoughts about what might suit him.”

    “But you just got here,” Cassidy protested.

    “And I’ll be here for the next few days,” Burle replied. “But when I’m paid for a full day’s work, I give a full day’s work. So you get on with your work, and I’ll get on with mine, and I’ll see you at dinner. Go on, now. Git.”

    “Are you allowed to talk to a Queen like that?” Gray asked.

    “Hell’s fire, no,” Burle said, laughing. “But I’m not talking to a Queen now, am I? I’m talking to my daughter.” He gave Cassidy a comically fierce look. “You still here?”

    “Fine,” Cassidy grumbled as a smile tugged her lips. “I’m going.”

    Didn’t take much brainpower to figure out Lord Burle was going to be reporting personally to Prince Sadi when he went home, so Theran extended his right hand and said politely,“Lady, if you’re ready, the Steward is waiting to review some information about the Provinces.”

    His conduct as he escorted her into the house was absolutely correct.

    Too bad she looked so stunned by it.

    Cassie’s father. This man is Cassie’s father.

    Gray couldn’t keep his mind on anything but the big man walking beside him—including where he put his feet—so he kept tripping over nothing.

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