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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(96) by Anne Bishop
  • “Why not?”

    Saetan pressed his lips together, not sure if he was amused or appalled. He had known Andulvar Yaslana for over fifty thousand years, and even having all those years of experience with the straightforward way Eyriens had of looking at things didn’t always prepare him for Lucivar’s bluntness.

    “That’s a delicate subject.” He studied his son. “You would have asked him.”

    “Damn right I would have. Even if she’d had her last moontime right before she went to Dena Nehele, she’s late.”

    “It does happen.”

    “Especially with some help.”

    Apparently Lucivar had kept a few things to himself about his last visit to Dena Nehele. Like the fact that Cassidy might feel too uneasy about being vulnerable around the males who were supposed to serve her.

    “Her court,” Saetan said quietly. “You don’t trust them.”

    “No, I don’t,” Lucivar replied. “But I’m sure I can get things settled enough that she won’t have to worry for the rest of the time she’s there.”

    Preferring to have only a vague idea of how Lucivar might settle things “enough,” Saetan said,“If you don’t trust them, who is supposed to send a mes—”

    *Yas? Yas!*

    Of course, he thought as he turned toward the door just as the Sceltie barreled into the room.

    *It’s Cassie’s bleeding time!*

    He felt his temper shift, sharpen. Recognized that same shift by the look in Lucivar’s eyes.

    No, Cassidy wasn’t their Queen, and she wasn’t family. But she was connected to them because of Jaenelle—and Daemon—so they would respond in a way that was in keeping with their nature.

    “I’ll be back in four days,” Lucivar said.

    Saetan nodded. “I’ll go to your eyrie and inform Marian. Anything I need to know?”

    “No, there’s nothing that needs particular care at the moment.” As Lucivar headed for the door, he added, “Come on, Vae. You’ll ride the Ebon-gray Wind with me.”

    Saetan stared at the empty doorway a long time before saying softly, “May the Darkness have mercy on you,Theran, if you do anything in the next few days that pisses off Lucivar.”


    You can’t hide in your room for the next three days, Cassie thought as she pulled a long, moss green sweater over her head. There’s work to be done, and how can you prove to Theran and the others that you’re capable of going out among the people if you can’t even move among your own First Circle?

    She couldn’t hide in her room. But she wanted to. She knew what to expect from the males back home, but not here. Would they work together, or would the personalities that rubbed against one another turn savage?

    No way to tell. Not from her bedroom.

    Pressing a hand to her abdomen, she took a deep breath, blew it out, and left her suite.

    Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, she thought a few minutes later. The male servants she had passed on the way to her office had given her a sharp glance, but that was the only change in their behavior.

    As she rounded a corner, she thought, I guess I was worried over noth—

    Theran drew in a breath, no doubt getting ready to “ask” why it had taken her so long to come down when the Steward and others were waiting for her.

    Then his nostrils flared. His eyes glazed. And the look in those eyes was predatory, not protective.

    “Cassidy,” Theran growled.

    She took a step back. Took another. “I need some air. I’ll join you in the Steward’s office in a few minutes.”

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