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  • The Shadow Queen(Black Jewels,Book 7)(98) by Anne Bishop
  • “Yes.”

    His hands gentled. His voice gentled. “You need to rest, Cassie.”

    “I—” She couldn’t deny it without lying, so she said nothing.

    Gray released her, then slid a hand down her arm until he could take her hand. “Come on. You can take a nap in my bed. You’ll be safe there.”

    Gray’s little room in the shed. A quiet, private place where she could gather her wits and her courage.

    She didn’t argue with him when he coaxed her to lie down on the bed her father had built. She didn’t argue when he removed her shoes.

    She didn’t resist when he tucked himself in beside her.

    “Get some rest, Cassie,” he said quietly. “You can rest.”

    His fingertips gently stroked her forehead, stroked her hair. Such a soothing motion. When he told her to close her eyes, she obeyed.

    Cradled by the warmth of him, she fell asleep.

    Gray watched her sleep. That sunset hair, with its streaks of honey, was spread over his pillow. He studied that wonderful face with its crop of freckles. An honest face. A face he could trust.

    Just like she trusted him. She hadn’t stayed in the house with Theran or Ranon. She’d come to him, trusted him to keep her safe.

    And he would keep her safe. He’d put a Purple Dusk shield around the gardening shed, as strong a shield as he could make. It wouldn’t keep the other males out if they were determined to get in, but it would give him the precious moments he’d need to prepare for a fight.


    *Leave me be,Theran.*

    *Are you all right? Why have you put a shield around the shed?*

    *I’m fine.* More than fine. His blood was singing in his veins, potent and ripe.

    *Have you seen Cassidy?*

    *Leave me alone.*

    When a minute passed without another call from Theran, Gray relaxed again. Turned his attention to the woman.

    Cassie. His eyes focused on her neck. He bent his head as he carefully pulled her sweater away from the spot that intrigued him so much. Then he breathed in the scent of her. His lips pressed against her skin, and his tongue got the taste of her.

    He raised his head and looked at her, seeing something different. Something wonderful.


    In response to the thought, a strange feeling flooded him, body, heart, and mind. A feeling fierce and powerful. A feeling that shattered the husk he’d lived inside for so long—and no longer wanted.

    “Cassie,” Gray whispered. “Cassie.”

    He pressed his lips once more to that sweet spot, feeling a hunger stirring his body, arousing much more than his cock.

    Smiling, he looked at her, asleep in his bed, and whispered, “Mine.”

    Theran watched Gray and Cassidy walking toward the house, hand in hand.

    “That little prick,” Theran growled. “He was hiding her in the shed.”

    “At least we know where she was,” Ranon said, rubbing the back of his neck to ease some tension.

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