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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(6) by Anne Bishop
  • “I’ll be in my study,” he said meekly.

    “Good,” Jaenelle replied sweetly. “I’ll join you there after I finish breakfast. I hope you didn’t have anything scheduled for this morning.”

    Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful.

    “Only my Lady’s pleasure,” he said.

    Jaenelle reached up and tugged on his jacket. Obeying the unspoken command, he leaned over and touched his lips to hers.

    “Your tone lacks sincerity, Prince,” Jaenelle said. “But since this is your first Winsol as a husband, you’re forgiven.”

    Then she kissed him—and he hoped she would have reason to forgive him for a lot of things over the next few days.


    Prince Sadi,

    Your presence is requested at your mother’s cottage. Please join me

    there after dinner.


    Daemon banged once on the cottage’s front door. It couldn’t be too serious, since he hadn’t been asked to respond immediately. But a command like this from his father was unusual—and “your presence is requested” was a phrase in Protocol that amounted to a command.

    And just because it wasn’t “too serious” didn’t mean it wasn’t serious.

    Hell’s fire! What could have happened since his visit yesterday morning that required the High Lord to come to Halaway? And why hadn’t he been told about it before Saetan had arrived?

    He banged on the door again, then opened it himself, almost clobbering Allista, who had been hurrying to reach it.

    “Where?” he snapped, too worried about why he’d been summoned to be polite.

    “The parlor,” she replied.

    He opened the parlor door—and froze.

    His father sat in one of the chairs by the fire, his legs crossed at the knees, his fingers steepled, and the black-tinted nails of his forefingers resting against his chin. His mother stood in front of the other chair, twisting her fingers and looking anxious.

    The room looked wrong. He kept his eyes on his father, but he knew the room looked wrong. Then he realized why. He didn’t have an actual memory of the situation, but he was certain that the last time he’d seen his parents positioned like this, he had been much, much younger and much, much shorter.

    “Come in, Prince. Sit down,” Saetan said. He looked at Tersa. “Darling, could you bring in some coffee?”

    Tersa nodded. “And nutcakes. Boys need something sweet after a scolding.” She gave Daemon a distracted smile as she scurried past him.

    Scolding? he thought as his heart settled back to a regular beat and his mind adjusted to the fact that his mother wasn’t hurt or ill. Oh, no. There is not going to be a scolding.

    He looked his father in the eyes and said, “I’m an adult.”

    Saetan met his look with steely calm. “When you walk out that door, you’re an adult. Right here, right now, you’re a son. Sit.”

    He sat. It was humiliating that his body had obeyed that voice before his brain made a decision.

    Saetan took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Your mother is concerned about her boys.”

    “We didn’t do anything.”

    Where in the name of Hell had those words come from? And why had there been a flash of amused panic in Saetan’s eyes before the High Lord regained that steely calm?

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