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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(100) by Anne Bishop
  • Dressed and polished, Daemon waited for Geoffrey in the private section of the Keep’s library.

    ... There was no reason for any of them to think my ankles would be any more vulnerable than theirs. Especially the left ankle . . .

    “But there was a reason, brother,” Daemon whispered. “There was a reason.”

    “Prince Sadi?”

    Daemon turned at the sound of Geoffrey’s voice, then took a moment to consider the degree of wariness in the historian/librarian’s black eyes. He smiled—and saw Geoffrey’s inability to completely hide the shiver caused by that smile.

    “I need your assistance,” he said, still smiling.

    “In what way?” Geoffrey asked.

    “The map you showed me the other day? I’d like to see it again.”


    Surreal stared at Daemon and tried to decide how badly she would get hurt if she hit him.

    Badly enough, since he didn’t look like he was in an indulgent mood.

    “That’s it?” she snarled. “Falonar just gets sent away like some little prick who played a nasty joke? He set Lucivar up to die on that killing field. You know that!”

    “Of course I know that,” Daemon snarled back. “The whole damn valley knows that. Or suspects it. Why do you think the remaining Eyriens have made such a pointed effort to let the Queens in Ebon Rih know they serve Lucivar, they support Lucivar, they want to live in this valley because it is ruled by Lucivar?”

    Her room at The Tavern was a comfortable size, but now she needed to move, pace, do something, and Sadi was clogging up too damn much space.

    “Lucivar has decided not to execute Falonar, and there is nothing we can do about that,” Daemon said.

    “When the sun shines in Hell.” She paced in what little space was available without getting too close to Daemon. “Falonar is always going to be a knife aimed at Lucivar’s back. You know that.”

    “I know a great many things,” Daemon replied. “And one of the things I know is that there is nothing we can do about Falonar while he is still in Lucivar’s territory.”

    Surreal stopped pacing. What she saw in his eyes was the reason she feared him, cared about him, and trusted him to help her protect whatever she held dear.

    “According to Lucivar, there is no real proof that Falonar was behind the attack,” she said, watching Daemon.

    “That is correct. Or at least there is no proof that Lucivar is willing to share.”

    “Does someone else have proof that Falonar was involved in the attack on Lucivar?”


    “What do you want me to do?”

    “Nothing. Chaosti is coming to the Keep tomorrow to escort you to Dea al Mon. Go with him. Spend time with your mother’s people.”

    “Is that what you’re going to do? Nothing?”

    The Sadist smiled. “Prince Falonar and I have some personal business to settle—after he leaves Ebon Rih.”

    Something about his smile dared her to ask—and something about that smile warned her against asking.

    “I guess I should pack,” she said. “Get ready for tomorrow.”

    Daemon hesitated, then asked, “Do you want to see Lucivar before you leave?”

    She thought about Yaslana in the sparring circle, pushing her so that she could release the last bit of anger and emotional venom—leaving himself open to a blow that must have hurt like a wicked bitch because she needed to strike that blow. And then she thought of Lucivar stepping on that killing field—one man against so many warriors who’d had just as much training, if not half the natural talent or power—with his ribs already banged up and hurting, probably taking hits he could have avoided if he hadn’t already been hurt.

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