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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(101) by Anne Bishop
  • Her temper flashed like heat lightning.

    The dresser exploded. She couldn’t tell whether Daemon had expected her to lash out or if his reflexes were that fast, but the Black shield that snapped up between them and the dresser prevented injuries—and minimized the damage to the rest of the room.

    “He’s an arrogant prick who thinks he’s invulnerable!” she shouted. “The only reason I’d want to see him right now is to rip off his balls and stuff them up his nose!”

    Daemon blinked.

    She looked at the chunks of dresser now scattered on the floor and shrieked. “And look what he did! My clothes were still in that dresser!”

    “It’s not his fault you killed the dresser,” Daemon said mildly.

    “Oh, don’t you get ballsy with me. Don’t you dare.”

    Daemon blinked again—and took a step toward the door. “Fine. I’ll tell Lucivar you’ll talk to him in a few weeks.”

    “You do that. And you can tell him that as soon as I figure out what was destroyed, I’m going to buy two of everything and send him the bill!”

    Daemon didn’t waste time leaving, but she still heard it before he completely closed the door—that choked effort not to laugh.

    “Rip off my balls and stuff them up my nose?” Resigned to giving his body another day of rest, Lucivar wandered over to a window. Jillian was out there, playing some kind of game with Daemonar and Alanar, Endar’s son.

    “The expression sounds juvenile, but the intention was sincere,” Daemon replied.

    “Fine. I’ll let Chaosti deal with her.”

    “She’ll get over being angry with you.”

    “Will she?”

    “Eventually.” Daemon joined him at the window. “What game are they playing?”

    “No idea. But they’re doing enough running that they’ll all be happy to sit for a while once they come inside. And since Marian is visiting the Eyrien women in Doun, I’ll be glad to have the children stay quiet for a bit.”

    “How much longer is Falonar going to remain confined to his eyrie here?”

    “He leaves tomorrow to serve in a Red-Jeweled Queen’s court.”

    “I was under the impression the only Red-Jeweled Queen in Askavi wouldn’t take any Eyrien at this point.”

    “Actually, there are two Rihlander Queens who wear the Red. I hadn’t considered Perzha at first because . . . well, she’s Perzha.”

    Daemon raised an eyebrow. “And that means . . . ?”

    “She rules one of Askavi’s coastal Provinces. There’s not a mountain in her territory.”

    “Meaning no eyries.”

    Lucivar nodded. “She’s a bit eccentric, dresses oddly, and doesn’t much care for the formalities of being a Queen. But that’s Perzha as Perzha. Perzha the Queen is quite formidable and ruthless when required.”

    “She sounds a bit like Jaenelle.”

    “Nothing in the theater can match the entertainment of listening to the two of them at a dinner party. Just don’t eat anything until you get their assurance that there aren’t any surprises in the food.”

    “Such as?”

    “Being served a seafood soup and having a tentacle rise up out of the bowl and grab your spoon. No one was sure if the squids were real or illusions, but the surprise did prevent everyone from realizing that the cook had ruined the soup.”

    Daemon burst out laughing.

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