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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(107) by Anne Bishop
  • “Sylvia isn’t in Halaway,” Jaenelle said. “Or if she is, she’s not able to respond to a psychic call.”

    *She is far,* Ladvarian said. *They are visiting. Tildee isn’t sure where.*

    “Tildee has Mikal?” Jaenelle asked.


    *Far far far,* the youngsters yapped.

    “How far can Tildee reach on a psychic thread?” Daemon asked Jaenelle.

    “Not that far,” she replied.

    Ladvarian said, *Tildee called. Other Scelties answered, then called to me.*

    Daemon swore softly, straining to keep his temper leashed. Upsetting the youngsters wouldn’t get him the information he needed. If that call for help had traveled from Sceltie to Sceltie, Sylvia and her boys could be anywhere in Dhemlan. “Where were the other Scelties? Could you tell?”

    All four Scelties spun to face the same direction.

    “South,” Daemon snarled. He moved swiftly, out of the room and down the corridors. *Beale, I need a Coach on the landing web, and a driver to come with us.*

    “If Tildee is running, someone is going to need a Healer,” Jaenelle said when she caught up to him.

    *Rainier!* Daemon called.


    *Contact Sylvia’s Master of the Guard. I want to know exactly where she is and who is with her. There’s trouble. We need to find her.*

    *Can you wait for Surreal?*

    *Only if she can get to the Hall by the time you have the information. If not, you’ll have to tell her where to meet us.*

    *We were on our way home, so I’ll stop at the Master’s house and she’ll come up to the Hall.*

    When Daemon and Jaenelle reached the great hall, Beale and Holt were waiting, holding their winter coats.

    “The driver will bring the Coach around in another minute or so,” Beale said. He helped Daemon into his coat while Holt helped Jaenelle into hers.

    Daemon wanted to snap at the delay. There had been time to bring the Coach around to the landing web in front of the Hall. But he held his tongue. Once they caught the Winds, they would be out of touch, so they couldn’t leave until Rainier found out where Sylvia went.

    “There are blankets and winter boots in the Coach,” Beale said. “Mrs. Beale is putting together a basket of food and jugs of water.”

    We aren’t going on a picnic, Daemon thought. On the other hand, Tildee was running, and if whatever was happening around Sylvia was as bad as that indicated and Jaenelle was needed as a Healer, he wouldn’t want her eating or drinking anything that didn’t come from the Hall in case it had been tainted in some way.

    *Prince?* Rainier called on a spear thread.

    *Where is she?*

    His temper turned viciously cold as Rainier gave him the information. As soon as Rainier broke the link, he turned to Jaenelle. “Let’s go. Lord Ladvarian, your presence is requested.”

    The youngsters whined. Daemon pointed a finger at them, then at Holt and Beale. “You three tell them everything you know about this.” He looked at Beale. “Do whatever you can.”

    Beale nodded.

    Holt rushed to open the door. Daemon, Jaenelle, and Ladvarian walked out of the Hall.

    Within moments of the driver setting the Coach on the landing web, a horse-drawn cab raced up to the Hall’s front doors. Surreal sprang from the cab and ran to the Coach. She didn’t say anything until they were inside and Daemon was settling into the other chair in the driver’s compartment.

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