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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(112) by Anne Bishop
  • He wanted to rip them all apart to find out what they knew about Sylvia’s attacker. But the prudent thing to do—the right thing—was to let the District Queen deal with the people in her territory.

    And if he wasn’t satisfied with how the District Queen dealt with these people, he would take care of them. Quietly.

    “Take them to your Lady,” Daemon said. “I’m sure she’ll have some questions about what happened here tonight.”

    “I’m sure she will,” the Master said.

    Telling himself to be satisfied with that—for now—Daemon walked over to the Coach and went in. The driver was warming some milk and talking softly to Haeze, who huddled in one corner of a short bench. The man tipped his head toward the driver’s compartment and made a face Daemon took to mean, There’s trouble in there.

    More than trouble, he decided when he opened the compartment door and Surreal swiveled her chair to face him.

    “Jaenelle wants to leave as soon as you’re ready,” she said. “She has Beron in the bedroom at the back of the Coach.”

    He stayed in the door, assessing her temper. “Tell me.” Bad place for a fight, he thought, especially with Jaenelle doing a healing.

    “There is some damage to Beron’s vision and hearing.” Surreal’s voice was low and savage. “That Healer wasn’t just destroying his ability to speak. She was destroying his ability to see and hear.”

    Because she was so close to snapping, he kept his voice quiet and calm—and kept his own temper viciously leashed. “Could the loss of vision and hearing be conditions that had developed prior to—”

    She shot out of the chair and stood in front of him. “There was nothing wrong with him before that bitch put her filthy hands on him. And I’m telling you now, Sadi, one way or another, she is not going to be among the living much longer.”

    “We have other things to deal with first.”

    He waited to see if she had any control left and was relieved when she nodded and blew out a breath.

    “Yeah,” she said. “Yeah, we do.” She returned to her seat.

    Daemon took off his winter coat and vanished it before closing the compartment door and taking the other seat.

    They didn’t speak again until he lifted the Coach and used Craft to glide it through the air. Once they reached one of the village’s landing webs, he caught the Black Winds and headed for Halaway.

    “Did you find any sign of Sylvia?” Surreal asked.


    She stared at him, then looked away. “Shit.”

    “We take care of Beron, find out what Haeze knows about what happened and why, and figure out where Tildee took Mikal,” Daemon said.

    “And Sylvia?”

    He sighed. “I think the High Lord is more likely to find her before we do.”


    Saetan lit the black candles on the Keep’s Dark Altar and opened the Gate between Hell and Kaeleer.

    Sometimes it was damn hard not to interfere with the living, especially when children were involved.

    Especially when some of them lately were arriving so mentally and emotionally damaged they couldn’t be allowed to stay on the cildru dyathe’s island, let alone be with the children now residing at the Hall in the Dark Realm. He’d given mercy to the ones who were too damaged, draining their remaining power to finish the kill, giving them what peace he could in the process.

    It wasn’t his place to interfere or step in. He had held that line for thousands of years—at least most of the time. But that last mutilated child had come from Dhemlan, and he didn’t consider it interfering to inform the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan about that boy—not when the Prince was his own son.


    A whisper of thought on a psychic thread, barely strong enough to reach him. But no matter how weak, he knew that voice, had loved that woman. *Sylvia? Where are you?*

    *Landing web. Keep. Not sure which one.*

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