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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(135) by Anne Bishop
  • “Since I helped make her, I get to hold her.”

    “You’re sharing.”

    Lucivar narrowed his eyes. “Fine. But if she messes her diaper, you’re not handing her back until you clean her up.”

    Daemon looked at Titian, who began grinning again the moment she had his full attention. “Tch,” he said. “You have a silly papa. He thinks I’m going to be scared off by a little poop.”

    Lucivar snorted. “Suit yourself.”

    Daemonar bounded into the parlor. “I get to hold her now.”

    “No,” they said.

    “Yes, I can,” Daemonar insisted. “Mother said I can.”

    “No,” they said.

    “Why not?”

    “Because we’re older than you, and we outrank you,” Lucivar said. “So we get to hold her.”

    “Neither of those things are true about me,” Saetan said as he walked into the parlor. “Hand her over.”

    Daemon hesitated, but the gleam in his father’s eyes warned him not to start this particular pissing contest. So he transferred Titian into Saetan’s arms.

    “Come on, boyo,” Saetan said to Daemonar. “You can sit over there with me, and we’ll both admire your sister.”

    Daemonar gave his father and uncle a surly look that was just shy of an actual challenge. Then he turned his back on them and followed his grandfather.

    Daemon held his breath while he watched Saetan cross the room. He didn’t realize Lucivar had done the same thing until he heard his brother’s careful sigh.

    “Coffee?” Lucivar asked.

    Daemon nodded, then said, “We’ll be in the kitchen if you need us.”

    “We’ll be here,” Saetan replied dryly enough to tell them both they had been dismissed.

    They retreated to the kitchen.

    Plenty of food, Daemon noted as he eyed the various dishes on the counters. “Anything you need?”

    “Besides help eating all this before it spoils?” Lucivar asked, letting out a huff of laughter. He poured coffee into two mugs. “No, we have plenty, even if we’re feeding a young male who claims to be hungry again before the dishes from the previous meal leave the table.”

    “Judging by the look he gave us, he’s clearly left childhood behind within the past few weeks,” Daemon said, accepting the mug of coffee.

    “Yeah, he’s in the ‘push until he gets his ass kicked’ stage, so I can look forward to a couple of decades of continuous pissing contests while he’s making the transition from boy to youth. Once his brain starts working again and he’s allowed the privileges of a young adult male, the pissing contests should lessen to one a week instead of several times a day. Or so I’m told. At first Marian sympathized with him about getting into an argument with me about every damn little thing, but she’s feeling less generous now that she finds herself dealing with a young Warlord Prince trying to fuss over her and give her orders instead of being around a son who takes orders.”

    Laughing, they both leaned back against the counter.

    “Marian is all right?” Daemon asked. He’d arrived at the eyrie an hour ago and he hadn’t seen her yet.

    “She’s fine. Tired, but that’s to be expected. No reason for her not to get some sleep when we’re all here to watch the baby.”

    “No reason at all.” Daemon studied Lucivar. “But something is wrong.”

    Lucivar turned his head toward the window that looked out over Marian’s garden. “How long are we supposed to pretend, old son?”

    “Pretend what?”

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