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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(136) by Anne Bishop
  • “That we don’t know there is something wrong with Father.”

    He knew Lucivar would be the one to ask the question, to finally say the words.

    “He’s old, Prick.”

    “Yeah, I know that, Bastard. He’s old. But it’s showing now. Has been for the past few months.”

    “I don’t feel him at the level of the Black anymore,” Daemon said quietly. “I’m not sure if that’s significant or not, but when I was with him at the Keep’s library a few weeks ago, I realized I was the only one standing in the abyss at the depth of the Black.”

    Lucivar looked at him, a silent question.

    “I’ll talk to him,” Daemon said.

    Daemonar bounded into the kitchen. “Mother is going to feed Titian. Want to watch?”

    “No,” Lucivar said firmly, “and neither do you.”

    “Yes, I do!”

    Lucivar stared at his son until Daemonar hunched in on himself.

    “Another time,” Lucivar said, “but not today.”

    “Yes, sir.” The subdued posture lasted until Daemonar focused on the covered dishes on the counter. “If I can’t watch Mother feed Titian, can I have a nutcake instead? And milk?”

    “Fine. We’ll all have something. Sit down, puppy.”

    Daemonar pulled out a chair at the big kitchen table and sat—and looked much too innocent.

    *He wasn’t interested in watching his sister have a meal, was he?* Daemon asked Lucivar.

    *Sure, he was.* Lucivar set his mug down and began pulling plates out of the cupboard. *But he’s smart enough to realize he could negotiate getting a treat for himself if I wouldn’t let him watch.*

    Daemon held the coffee in his mouth until he was sure he could swallow without choking. Then he looked at the archway and noticed Saetan. The hint of sadness in the old man’s eyes was hidden the moment Saetan realized he was being watched.

    *I’ll be back,* Daemon told Lucivar. Setting his mug in the sink, he looked at Saetan. “You’re leaving?”

    “I think our Ladies could use some quiet time,” Saetan replied.

    “In that case, I’ll go with you.”

    A raised eyebrow to indicate a father knew an excuse when he heard one. But there was wariness now in Saetan’s gold eyes.

    They left the eyrie and rode the Red Wind back to the Keep.

    Daemon made no comment about the choice of Winds. He said nothing at all while he followed Saetan to one of the sitting rooms. He watched his father like a predator coming to some conclusions about the prey.

    “Do you need fresh blood?” Daemon asked.

    “No,” Saetan replied.


    “No. Why do you ask, Prince?”

    “Because the daylight hours are draining you in a way they didn’t before. Because you need the support of a cane more often than not these days.”

    “I’m a Guardian,” Saetan said testily. “The daylight hours have always been draining. And I’ve had a bad leg for a lot of years.”

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