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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(150) by Anne Bishop
  • He moved toward her slowly. He probably thought his movements weren’t threatening. Unfortunately, until things were settled between them, there was nothing about him that wasn’t threatening.

    “Let me tell you what I think are some of your concerns,” he said as he stepped close enough to touch her. “The wife of the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan has to make a commitment to be faithful to her husband and take no lovers. Naturally, she would want the same commitment from her husband. Yes?”

    “Yes,” Surreal whispered, staring at the Black Jewel peeking through the unbuttoned opening of his white silk shirt.

    “But I don’t think you want to be married and celibate,” Daemon continued, his voice becoming a soothing caress. “And I think you enjoyed the pleasure I gave you in bed. Yes?”

    “Yes,” she whispered.

    “So one of your conditions is that I be a husband to my wife in every way? That I don’t deny you the pleasure and comfort of sex?”

    She nodded, still not daring to look into his eyes.

    “I was aware of that when I made the offer, Surreal,” he said gently. “I can’t promise you a husband’s love, because I don’t know if I have that in me anymore. But I can promise you all of the social courtesies, all of the physical courtesies. That much I can, and will, give you.”

    He lifted her chin with one finger, a silent command to look at him. “Is there anything else?”

    “No. Yes. I don’t want to be locked up here for the next ten months!”

    “If I agree to that, you, in turn, will try to tolerate occasional bouts of rabid protectiveness?”

    She heard amusement in his voice and felt the slightest release of tension in his body.

    “If you turn rabid, I’ll turn bitchy.”

    He smiled. “Fair enough. One question. Is there a particular stone you would like for your wedding ring? Or a particular kind of setting?”

    She shook her head. “Surprise me.”

    “In that case, Lady . . .”

    His lips touched hers, a soft kiss that remained soft but grew warmer. She floated on the sensation of being wrapped in the softest blanket. So soft, so deliciously warm. She felt light and heavy, and there was nothing in the world but his mouth so soft on hers and his hands lightly brushing her back under her shirt.

    She wanted to snuggle down into that soft warmth and doze for hours, safe and content.

    She didn’t know how much time had passed before Daemon raised his head and said, “Feel better?”

    Her head began to clear, but the warm, sleepy feeling remained—and the sharp discomfort in her abdomen was gone.

    “You drained my power,” she said. “Gray and Green.”

    “Yes.” He kissed her temple.

    “You going to kiss me like that every time you drain me?”

    She felt him smile.

    “I’m going to kiss you like that simply to kiss you like that. And I’ll do it often if it pleases you.”

    Mother Night.

    She felt the pull of desire between her legs, but the soft warmth wrapped around her again, and she didn’t want to do anything about that pull. Not right now.

    “Once I drain your Jewels to give you an unfilled reservoir, your body will channel its power to them naturally, the same as it does during your moontime,” Daemon said. “I thought you would be more comfortable if I took a direct path this first time.”

    She was pretty sure he’d wrapped some spells around her while kissing her, but she felt too comfortable and lazy and soft to care.

    “Why don’t you snuggle down on the sofa in here and take a nap?” he said.

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