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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(152) by Anne Bishop
  • “And for your honeymoon?”

    “A week in Amdarh.”

    “That’s not . . .” Zhara stopped. She shook her head. “Forgive me, but . . .”

    Surreal grinned. “The Queen of Amdarh is about to tell me her city isn’t romantic enough for a honeymoon?”

    “No, of course not. I love the city, but . . .” Flustered, Zhara stopped again.

    “But you thought the Prince would choose someplace else?” When Zhara nodded, Surreal smiled, feeling a little misty about the other woman’s concern. “Amdarh was my choice. Shopping. Concerts. The theater. I won’t be able to stay in the city without Sadi or Yaslana as escort until after the baby is born—and I won’t put everyone at risk by trying to defy that request and provoke their protective instincts.”

    Zhara knew how sharp Sadi’s protective instincts could be. She had been there when Daemon had threatened to purge Dhemlan the next time someone tried to harm Jaenelle Angelline.

    Anyone who remembered that threat and learned Daemon was the High Lord of Hell now would be scared witless.

    “I’m going to indulge myself in the shops and let him fuss over me while I do it,” Surreal continued. “That should please both of us.”

    Zhara laughed. “Yes, it should. Ah. I think your husband has sent a negotiator.”

    Surreal looked over her shoulder and saw Lucivar walking toward her.

    Lucivar greeted Zhara, then held out his hand to Surreal. “We’re dancing.”

    “Do you know how to negotiate?”

    “Sure.You want to lead?”

    Surreal looked at Zhara, who shrugged. Then she looked back at Lucivar. “Why are we dancing?”

    “I think your husband figured if you didn’t kick me in the balls, you were ready to suffer a dance with him.”

    Suffer a dance. That didn’t sound like words from a husband who hoped for a warm welcome on his wedding night.

    “He’s really upset that I wouldn’t let him stay and watch me pee?”

    She wasn’t sure Zhara was still breathing. She wasn’t sure Lucivar was breathing either until he said, “Well, shit. Come on. I’ll dance with you and knock some sense into his head afterward.”

    “You’d have more luck knocking sense into a stone wall.”

    “Don’t push it, witchling.”

    So she danced with Lucivar, then was handed off to Holt. And she watched a roomful of Dhemlan’s Queens and their aristo companions stand there with their mouths hanging open when Lucivar grabbed his brother and almost yanked Daemon off his feet as he hauled Sadi out of the ballroom.

    When they returned, both looking a little rumpled but otherwise unscathed, Daemon asked her for a dance—a request she granted.

    “Lucivar says I’m being an ass,” Daemon said.

    “He could have been looking in a mirror when he said it,” she replied sweetly.

    He let out a startled laugh. “I like the suggestion, but he was right. I can’t protect you from morning sickness or the other physical discomforts that will come, but I do want to protect you. I don’t want you to hurt.”

    “Everything has a price, Sadi.” She smiled at him. “But it eases the discomfort some to know you’re suffering with me in your own way.”


    “Shit, no.”

    Chuckling, he drew her closer. “All right, Lady. I will try to behave and be reasonable.”

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