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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(154) by Anne Bishop
  • NINE

    The birthing room was ready, the adjoining room where the family could wait was ready, and the Healer and her assistant had arrived.

    Beale was guarding the Hall’s front door from any premature well-wishers; Helene was giving the family suite another quick cleaning and the crib a last polish, and making sure there were plenty of linens, diapers, blankets, towels, and whatever else a newborn might need. Holt was sorting through the correspondence and business papers so that the new father could make the most efficient use of his available time. And he, the about-to-be new father, was apparently doing nothing but being a pain in the ass.

    “I don’t need to sit,” Surreal snarled as she waddled around the birthing room.

    She most certainly did need to sit, Daemon thought, but he couldn’t shove her into a chair. Not in her condition. “You’re not comfortable standing,” he pointed out in a soothing voice.

    “Whose fault is that?” She grabbed the back of a chair and pressed the other hand to her belly, her face tight with pain.

    “Remember what the Healer said about breathing,” Daemon said.

    “Go take a piss in the wind.”

    He slipped his hands out of his trousers pockets and made an effort to unclench his teeth as he took a step toward her, one hand extended. “Let me help you.”

    “You and your c**k have done quite enough already,” she snarled as she moved away from him.

    “Surreal . . .”

    Lucivar walked into the room and gave Surreal a lazy, arrogant smile. “Want to shred something, darling?”

    “Yes,” she snapped, “but since he likes his balls, I doubt he’d stand still for it.”

    “Surreal . . .,” Daemon soothed.

    “Stop hovering over me!” she shouted. “This baby will come when it wants to come, and your pushing at me isn’t going to make it come any faster!”

    “I’m not pushing. . . .”

    “You prick-assed son of a bitch, get out of here!”

    Daemon looked at Lucivar. “I was told she’d be bitchy, but is it normal for her to sound insane?”

    “Insane?” Surreal shrieked. “You think I sound insane?”

    “Yes,” Lucivar said to Daemon. “Right now, she doesn’t like you much, old son, so come into the next room and give her some peace.”

    “Why are you taking my side?” Surreal demanded.

    “When Marian was in labor with Daemonar, she wanted the birthing room clear of males on occasion, and when I got stubborn about it, she threatened to cook up the afterbirth and feed it to me.”

    Daemon felt like something stringy and greasy was stuck in his throat. He swallowed hard and looked at Surreal.

    She looked at him and said, “I’ll stab you before I cook anything.”

    “Thank you,” he said faintly. “I appreciate it.”

    “Then get out!”

    Lucivar hauled him into the adjoining room, closing the door to the birthing room most of the way. That gave Surreal sufficient privacy but made it easy to hear her.

    Daemon let out a shaky sigh. “She’s hurting.”

    “She’s in labor, old son. Having a baby hurts like a wicked bitch. Or so I’ve been told.”

    “There has to be something the Healer can do. Something I can do. Hell’s fire, Lucivar. If I can drain the power from Surreal’s Jewels to make her more comfortable, why can’t I take some of the pain?”

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