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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(159) by Anne Bishop
  • Surreal stared at the woman who was a sister through marriage. “Daemon.”

    Marian hesitated, then nodded. “But he’ll be fine. The Healer’s taking care of him.”

    “What did I do? Marian, tell me.”

    “Hush, now. Don’t upset the baby.”

    They waited until the baby stopped fussing. Then Marian said, “I’ve been here with you since Daemon left, so I haven’t talked to Lucivar to get all the details. What I do know is you called in some kind of metal glove and ripped up Daemon’s arm when the Healer picked up the baby. You attacked without warning. Daemon got between you and the Healer to protect her and the baby. Then Lucivar rushed in to restrain you until you were thinking clearly enough again to allow the women to take care of you.”

    “Where is it now, the metal glove?”

    “Lucivar has it.”

    “When he’s willing, I’d like it back. It was a Winsol gift from Rainier.”

    “I’ll tell him.” Marian hesitated. “The talons weren’t poisoned, were they? I’m not sure anyone thought to check.”

    No wonder Sadi had been so wary of getting near her or letting her near the baby. “No poison. Not even a possibility of residual poison.”

    “That’s good.”

    “Are you sure Daemon will be all right?”

    “Yes. He’ll be fine. Are you feeling up to letting the rest of the family see the baby? Just for a few minutes? Mrs. Beale has a meal ready for you. Are you hungry?”

    “Yes, I’m hungry, and yes, they can come in.”

    A minute later, Lucivar walked in, and Surreal could hear excited voices in the other room.

    “Daemon has gone to his suite to wash up and change into fresh clothes,” Lucivar said.

    “Are you pissed off at me?” Surreal asked. She heard tears in her voice.

    “No, I’m not pissed off at you,” Lucivar said. “Neither is Daemon. We want to do whatever you need to feel safe and easy.”

    “I’ll stay and have a bite to eat with Surreal,” Marian said quickly, looking from one to the other. “Daemon could come back a little later.”

    Surreal studied Lucivar’s face, his eyes. “He doesn’t want to see me?”

    Lucivar met her look, made some decision, and sighed. “You caught him in the ribs as well as the arm. Bastard managed to hide that from me even while I was cleaning the arm. It wasn’t until the Healer stepped in the blood that had pooled under the chair and I pushed to break the illusion spell that we discovered the other wounds and realized how much blood he’d lost.”

    “Mother Night,” Surreal whispered.

    “After she closed the wounds, we got him a clean shirt and let him receive congratulations from the family before taking him to his suite. Right now, the Healer is pouring some potent healing brews down his throat, and Jazen and the Scelties are under orders to make sure he stays down for a couple of hours. Then, if he’s steady enough, he can come back and see you.”

    Tears filled her eyes and spilled over. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to hurt him. I’m not sure what I was trying to do.”

    “You thought you needed to protect your baby. He doesn’t fault you for that, Surreal. Neither do I. But I need to know you’re steady before I let him back in this room. He’s in no condition to defend himself right now. Not from you.”

    “He doesn’t have to.”

    Marian went into the small bathroom and returned with a damp cloth. “Here. Wipe your face so the children can come in and meet their new cousin.”

    Surreal did as she was told. She had a feeling Tersa knew why Daemon wasn’t present, but the others were more interested in the baby and didn’t notice the absence of the father.

    When Lucivar decided they’d all had sufficient chance to coo, he herded them out, reminding them that there was a celebratory feast in the dining room.

    “I’ll tell Beale we’re ready for some food and be back in a minute,” Marian said.

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