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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(164) by Anne Bishop
  • He closed his eyes. As he drifted into an easy sleep, he heard her singing. He couldn’t make out words or even a melody, but the song drifted through the Darkness and wrapped him in peace.

    He woke up just after dawn, alone. But he could have sworn her scent was on his skin and he could feel the lingering warmth of her next to him in bed.


    Daemon jolted awake when his bundle of witch landed on his back.

    “Papa! I have something wonderful to show you!” Jaenelle gave his bare shoulder a smacking kiss.

    He grunted, raised his head, and got his eyes open enough to look out the window. Then his head dropped back down on the pillow. “Witch-child, nothing is wonderful before the sun comes up, and the sun is still sleeping. Don’t you want to sleep for another hour?”


    Daemon groaned. What reasonable child wanted to get up before the sun?


    Reaching out, he groped for the other adult who should have been in the bed. *Surreal?*

    *I’m in the bathroom. I’ll be back in a minute.*

    *Are you well?*

    *Needing to pee first thing in the morning doesn’t mean I’m ill. And being in the bathroom doesn’t mean my moontime has started yet, so back off, Sadi.* Defensive temper sizzled in the psychic link before Surreal broke the connection, a sure sign there was nothing wrong with his ability to read a calendar.

    Fine. Wonderful. The sun wasn’t up, he was barely awake, and he already had one female snarling at him and the other prepared to keep jumping on him until he saw whatever wonderful thing she wanted to show him.

    He turned on the bedside lamp, its candle-light still set to the soft light he preferred for sex, and tried to force his brain into believing he should be awake at this hour of the morning. “All right, witch-child. Let me up.”

    Jaenelle slid off the bed, bouncing with excitement. “Come on, Papa.” She started to yank the sheet off him.

    He grabbed the sheet before she pulled it below his waist, and snarled softly, a sound that would have frightened everyone else and just made his daughter pause.

    “Get out of here,” he said. “Let me get dressed.”

    “I can wait for you,” she protested. “If I leave, you’ll take forever.”

    “I’m not wearing anything, so I’m not getting out of bed until you’re gone.”

    “Oh, tch,” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “I’ve seen boy parts before.”

    He didn’t remember moving, but his hand was suddenly locked around her wrist. His temper had turned feral and cold and was rising to the killing edge, and he knew by the way her eyes widened that his eyes were glazed.

    “Explain, witch-child,” he crooned.

    “I’m sorry.” She tried to pull away from him, but his hold, while gentle, was unyielding. “We didn’t mean to cause trouble.”

    “Jaenelle Saetien.”

    *Daemon?* Surreal asked.

    He shut out his wife and stared at his trembling daughter. “Explain.”

    “Uncle Lucivar said it was all right!”

    He saw the room through a red veil. With effort, he released Jaenelle’s wrist. “Get out of here. Now.”

    She ran. The moment she was out of the room, he flung the sheet aside, sprang out of bed, and strode to his own adjoining bedroom to get dressed. He could hear Jaenelle yelling for her mother, felt the crackle of Gray power in response. No doubt Surreal had used Craft to pass through the wall and meet Jaenelle in the corridor. Better that way. Right now he couldn’t get past the rage to deal with the girl in any gentle way.

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