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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(166) by Anne Bishop
  • “I told her to tell you.” Lucivar sighed. “I guess she didn’t.”

    “Now you will,” he said coldly. “And the first thing you’re going to tell me is who displayed himself to a girl her age.”

    Lucivar took a slow swallow of coffee. “Me.”

    It crushed his heart. He suspected that would be the answer and had hoped he was wrong.

    Then he considered Daemonar’s words and Lucivar’s dismissive response. Jaenelle had been equally dismissive about whatever had happened. Was he wrong?

    “Explain.” He could barely force out the word.

    “Do you want the short version or all the details?”

    “Oh, I want all the details, Prick. I do want the details.”

    “All right.” Lucivar huffed out a breath and told him.

    Lucivar rested in the small pool that was one of his favorite places in Ebon Rih, lulled by the twitter of birds, the easy fall of water, and the voices of young girls doing happy girl things. He’d checked the area before setting up a perimeter shield that allowed Titian and Jaenelle Saetien to have a feeling of independence while never being beyond his awareness.

    After a quick dip to cool off from the summer heat, they’d said they wanted to pick wildflowers so that Marian could teach them . . . something. Since he and Daemonar had the pool to themselves, they stripped completely and settled into water he considered sun-warmed to perfection, since it was still first-gasp cool.

    Through half-closed eyes, he watched his son trying to act relaxed and lazy, but the boy was too focused on the sound of the girls’ voices to be either.

    No. Daemonar still acted like a boy at times, but he was well into the adolescent stage, both physically and emotionally, and the aggressive temper of a Warlord Prince was now added to the possessive, protective side of their caste.

    Daemonar sighed and ducked under the water. When he surfaced, he sighed again. “They giggle a lot. Especially when they’re together. Why do they giggle like that?”

    “Because they’re girls.”

    “That’s not much of an answer.”

    “It’s the only one I’ve got, boyo. Young females are still females, and their minds are wondrous, strange, and confusing.”

    Daemonar rolled his eyes. “It makes Titian and Jaenelle sound dumb, like some of the older girls in school. Except Jillian. She wouldn’t act dumb.”

    Quick to defend, Lucivar thought. “Anything I need to know about?”

    “No, sir.”

    And a little too quick with that answer. Might be nothing, but Lucivar wouldn’t dismiss it until he’d had a chat with Jillian and knew it was nothing. Daemonar saw Jillian as an older sister, which meant she was his to protect and defend. So the boy would never admit to an adult that she was doing something dumb even if he thought she was doing something dumb.

    Looked like it was time for a reminder talk about the difference between doing something dumb but not dangerous and doing something that put one of them in the position of needing the intervention of an adult—namely, him.

    “They’re going to pick all the flowers,” Daemonar said.

    Lucivar studied his son. “If you want to do something for your mother, you can help her weed the garden this evening. Then you can have some time alone with her. She’ll like that just as much as picked flowers.”

    Big sigh. “The girls will push in.”

    “I’ll keep the girls out of the way.”

    “Yeah?” Daemonar climbed out of the pool, looking happier.

    “Hey.” Lucivar waited until Daemonar met his eyes. “Do not start teasing them.”

    “I won’t.”

    Lucivar stared at him. “They’re having a good time. Let them be.”

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