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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(171) by Anne Bishop
  • “No, you’ll ask me.” He trusted the Scelties for the most part, but the ones who lived at the Hall came from the Sceltie school Jaenelle Angelline and Ladvarian had begun and that he now co-owned with Ladvarian’s descendants. So these dogs were loyal to his family and very protective of his wife and daughter. Usually he was grateful for that, but with the presence of an Arcerian cat, he could see Morghann and Khary happily pointing out a human they didn’t like and putting the label of “dinner” on the fool.

    “Are you mad at Uncle Lucivar?” Jaenelle asked in a small voice.

    Daemon shook his head. “No, we got that sorted out. But I wish you had told me about it when I was more awake to understand what had happened.”

    “I know.” She hugged Kaele’s neck hard enough to produce a grunt from the cat.

    Daemon went down on one knee. “Come here, witch-child.”

    She released the cat and came to him. Of course, the cat, being a Warlord Prince, came too.

    He rested his hands on her shoulders, giving Kaele time to accept that he could touch his own daughter.

    “Uncle Lucivar is going to hold you to his rules—and so am I. Do you understand that?”

    “Yes, Papa.”

    “I’ve seen too many bad things, Jaenelle, and I’m afraid of what I would do if someone hurt you.”

    “That’s what Mama said.”

    “Your mother is a very smart woman.”

    Jaenelle smiled. “She said that too.”

    He kissed her cheek and hugged her, as much to reassure her as to comfort himself. As he held her, he sent out a delicate psychic probe. It wouldn’t invade her mind or thoughts, but it would give him a sense of her emotions, of whether she was as easy about seeing a naked man as she seemed to be.

    And found something he hadn’t expected.

    His daughter was keeping secrets from him.

    He eased back and looked at her. Nothing haunted those gold eyes, but something was there. Something, he suddenly realized, that had been there on and off for the past few years—and more so in the past year as she got closer to her Birthright Ceremony.

    “I guess I should introduce myself to your other friend,” he said as he rose gracefully.

    “You’ll like him.” She gave him an unsure but game smile that made him tremble.

    He wasn’t sure he would like this friend, but unless he hated the male on sight, he’d let things slide. At least for today. But before he met this second friend, he wanted to have a word with his wife.

    Surreal was still sitting on the sofa in his study, so he didn’t have to hunt for her.

    “Hell’s fire,” she said, grinning. “If your father could see the look on your face, he’d laugh himself silly.”

    He sank down beside her, feeling boneless. “There is an Arcerian cat in the Hall again.”

    “I know. I met him. You need to put strengthening spells on Jaenelle’s bed—and think about getting her a bigger bed if he’s intending to be a frequent visitor.”

    “Since he’s in the stables, I’m assuming her other friend has fur and boy parts?”

    “He does. He also has a spiral horn—and his name is Moondancer. He can trace his bloodlines back to a Warlord Prince named Kaetien.”

    Daemon heard the wobble in her voice. He turned his head and studied her, seeing enough in her eyes before she looked away.

    He cupped her face in his hands. “Talk to me, Surreal. What do you know?”

    “About what?”

    Shaky. Of course, this whole day must have stirred up memories for her too.

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