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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(173) by Anne Bishop
  • Surreal shook her head. “No, I made my choice the first time I saw Daemon’s face when he looked at his daughter. I’m just not sure what his choice will be after today.” She tried to smile in response to Lucivar’s unspoken question. “After today, when his daughter is irrevocably his, he may not feel the need to stay married.”

    “Is that your way of warning me that you’re leaving him?”

    “No,” she said softly. “I’m not leaving him.” Don’t do this. Not today. “I did want to warn you about something else.”


    “Has Titian said anything about the incident this summer when you and the children were at the pool?”

    “She said something to Marian.”

    It was obvious he wasn’t thrilled about what was said, but he was accepting it—and maybe even felt a little relieved.

    “Do I need to call in my crossbow to get the details?” she asked.

    “I overheard Titian tell Marian that the older girls had been making a fuss about boy stuff just so the younger girls would think they knew about something interesting, and it was all a big tease.”

    “Oh, dear.” She bit her lower lip and told herself to behave. Then she thought, Ah, shit, he deserves this. “Jaenelle has been doing a lot of thinking about the day she saw your boy stuff.”

    “Is she upset?” Lucivar asked with a hint of alarm.

    “Noooo. But she did come to a different conclusion than Titian. Jaenelle Saetien has decided that, for the most part, boy stuff is not interesting and it looks funny when it wiggles.”

    He made a pained sound, but since he was managing to keep a straight face, she went on. “However, she also concluded that when someone is special, his stuff becomes special too. Like, your stuff becomes special when you’re around Auntie Marian. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let you help her make the baby.”

    She felt him shake. She wasn’t sure if he was about to start laughing hysterically or just become hysterical.

    “Having come to that conclusion about her darling uncle Lucivar—”

    He whimpered.

    “—she has decided the same must be true of her darling papa. He’s shyer than you so she hasn’t been able to confirm that, but she’s certain it’s true because Daemon is her papa and he’s wonderful.”

    “Mother Night.” Lucivar swallowed hard. “What did Daemon say?”

    “He doesn’t know about this yet. She decided that he’s been so nervous about the party we’re having after the Ceremony it wasn’t the time to tell him about her conclusions regarding boy stuff.”

    “Then why in the name of Hell did you tell me?”

    “Because one of these days he’s going to be standing at your door looking like he’d gotten kicked in the head, and I thought you should have some idea about why so you can comfort him.”

    “Why can’t you comfort him?”

    “Because, sugar, I tend to agree with her—especially when boy stuff wiggles.”

    He walked away, weaving a little. Within moments, Marian came up to her, the baby asleep on her shoulder.

    “I want to know what you said to put that look on his face,” Marian said. “I think it will come in handy someday.”

    “Oh, don’t worry. You have a daughter too. I’m sure you’ll see that look again.”

    Marian laughed softly as she rubbed the baby’s back, but her eyes remained serious. “Are you concerned about today? About Jaenelle?”

    “A little. I don’t care what Jewels she wears. Neither does Daemon. But I should have sensed something at this point, should have some idea of what Jewel Jaenelle will wear, and I don’t. Based on how quickly she picks up basic—and not-so-basic—Craft, she should be strong enough to need a reservoir for her power.”

    “Daemon isn’t sensing anything either?”

    Surreal shook her head. “I wear the Gray; Daemon wears the Black. If her power is so weak she comes away from the Ceremony without a Jewel ...”

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