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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(176) by Anne Bishop
  • Jaenelle took her grandmother’s hand and followed the Priestess to the room where her Birthright strength would be acknowledged and made apparent by the Jewel that would be both warning and reservoir for the power she wielded.

    Surreal’s hand trembled on his, but she gave no other sign of surprise or distress.

    *Is that possible?* she asked. *Have you seen signs that Jaenelle might be a natural Black Widow?*

    *She’s too young for there to be any sign that she belongs to that caste. I don’t think Tersa meant to indicate that Jaenelle was another Sister of the Hourglass.* But she could have meant exactly that. With Tersa, it was hard to tell. *Besides, Tersa stood as your witness too, didn’t she?*

    *Yes, she did,* Surreal replied softly. *Yes, she did.*

    Five minutes later, Tersa and Jaenelle walked out of the Sanctuary. Jaenelle held nothing in her hands, and there was no Jeweled pendant around her neck.

    Daemon’s heart sank, but he smiled at his girl—and the happy smile she gave him in return almost broke him.

    *Daemon . . . ,* Surreal said.

    “My Jewel hasn’t arrived yet,” Jaenelle said. “My friend said it might come late because its presence would confuse the other children.”

    “Finish the Ceremony,” Tersa said.

    Daemon looked at the Priestess. “I don’t understand what—”

    “Prince,” Tersa said. “You will have no answers until the last choice is made.”

    He moved away from Surreal until he stood in the spot where the other men had stood.

    “Come here, Jaenelle,” Surreal said. She placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders and looked at him.

    “I, Surreal SaDiablo, acknowledge Prince Daemon Sadi as the father of Jaenelle Saetien SaDiablo. I grant him all paternal rights from this day forward.”

    Surreal raised her hands. Jaenelle walked the distance between them and took the hand he held out to her. Even though his hand closed around the child’s, his eyes never left the woman’s.

    *She’s yours now,* Surreal said on a psychic Gray thread.

    *Thank you.*

    *Let’s hear you say that the next time she asks an ‘interesting’ question.*

    He huffed out a quiet laugh. *Smart-ass.*

    That made her smile.

    “Well,” Daemon said, as he led Jaenelle back to the rest of the family. “Let’s finish up here so we can go to the estate and have our party.”

    “We can’t go yet,” Jaenelle protested. “We have to wait for my Jewel!”

    “Witch-child . . .”

    Jaenelle and Tersa turned at the same moment, looked in the same direction. Jaenelle pulled away from him and ran off. Before he could take off after her, Tersa froze him in place with three words.

    “She has come.”

    He stared at his mother, a Black Widow who walked the roads of the Twisted Kingdom. She had changed his life centuries ago with those same three words.

    “Daemon.” Surreal looked stricken, but she squared her shoulders and said, “Go.”

    Not sure how much pain he was leaving behind him, he ran after his daughter.

    She was walking back to him when he caught up to her, her smile brilliant as she clutched a pendant, its gold chain spilling over her hands.

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