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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(178) by Anne Bishop
  • “This one?” Words tumbled through his mind. Webs. Visions. Dreams.

    He turned his head and looked toward the spot where he’d left his little girl—and suddenly it made sense. “Jaenelle Saetien is . . . ?”

    “Dreams made flesh.” Witch smiled. “Your dreams. Surreal’s dreams. And my dreams for both of you.”

    Like Jaenelle Angelline, but not the same.


    He turned back to her. “I don’t know what to do.”

    “Don’t you? It’s simple, Prince. Listen to your heart. It’s healed. It’s whole. You loved me as a wife with all your heart for the whole of my life. You will love me as your Queen for the whole of your life. But there is someone else you love now, Daemon, and it’s time for you to share your heart with more than your daughter.”

    He closed his eyes and said nothing.

    “Stubborn snarly male. Do you need my permission to love the woman who is now your wife, to acknowledge what you feel for her?”

    “I don’t love Surreal the way I loved you. I’ll never love anyone the way I loved you.”

    “I know. But you do love her, Daemon.”

    “Yes. I do.”

    Her voice softened. “Then it’s time you told her.”

    She stepped back, and the loss of her touch raked his heart.

    He opened his eyes and studied her, drinking in her face. “Will I see you again?”

    She hesitated, then said, “Your daughter will, when she needs to, but you need to let go of the past. However, you won’t be alone. No one understands what it’s like to stand so deep in the abyss. No one understands what it’s like to know there is no one who can touch the most private part of your Self. Saetan was the strongest protector the Realms had ever known, but he also made mistakes because even Andulvar’s presence at the depth of the Ebon-gray wasn’t enough to keep him from feeling isolated and alone. You’re not alone there, Daemon.”

    “How can I not be . . .”

    What had Jaenelle Saetien called the Lady in the Misty Place? The Song in the Darkness. He’d heard it when he stood in the abyss at the full depth of his power, when he knew, with absolute certainty, that he was alone. But that song had been there, a voice that wrapped around him down where it wasn’t possible for anyone else to be. He thought he imagined it being Jaenelle’s voice because he missed her so much, but she’d been with him all along.

    “You won’t be alone,” she said again.

    “For how long?”

    Witch smiled. “Long enough.”

    He thought about that web of power that spiraled from the Misty Place down into the Darkness. Enough power to keep her with him in this one way, to keep him balanced for a lifetime.

    And because he had this assurance that she was still with him in some way, he began letting go of what could no longer be.

    “May I tell Lucivar about any of this?”

    “He’s your brother. You can tell him anything.” She took a step back and began to fade away. “It’s time for you to go.”

    “Your will is my life.”

    He closed his eyes. When he opened them, she was gone.


    And there was his other dream, waiting for him. She’d put the chain over her neck and was holding the Jewel, shifting it this way and that to look at the colors.

    He walked over to her, sank to his knees, wrapped his arms around her, and pressed his face against her shoulder.

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