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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(180) by Anne Bishop
  • “I think I’ve already had a bit too much.”

    He pressed his lips gently against her temple. “Me too. It’s been quite a day.”

    The sexual heat that usually poured out of him was banked to a sensual warmth. She leaned into him, more comforted than aroused.

    She wasn’t sure how long they stood there with the light fading around them and the autumn air turning cool. She would stand here with him forever if that was what he wanted.

    “Surreal?” he said quietly.


    He took the glass from her and vanished it. “You know that small table in the sitting room that you’re so fond of?”


    “It now has a vase in it.”

    “You mean on it.”

    “No, in it.”

    She was suddenly a lot more sober. “There isn’t one of them old enough or with sufficient training to try to pass one object through another.” And she had a bad feeling she knew exactly which child had tried it. “They shouldn’t be—”

    He pressed a finger against her lips. She narrowed her eyes and raised his hand. “If I have to deal with this tonight when I’m on the shaky side of sober, you have to answer the next sex question.”

    There was the expected glint of panic, but there was also laughter in his eyes. “Or the table could just disappear and we could scratch our heads and wonder where it went.”

    Playful. She hadn’t expected that from him. Not tonight. “We could do that.”

    He brushed a finger over her lips. “Surreal . . .”

    I love you.

    He didn’t say it. Not quite. But when he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her, she felt the words.

    And that night, when he made love to her and said her name, it sounded like a promise, like a lovely caress.

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