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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(19) by Anne Bishop
  • Lucivar and I didn’t get a say in this?

    He caught the tip of his tongue between his teeth. He hadn’t participated in a typical Winsol celebration here at the Hall, so maybe he wasn’t supposed to make many—or any—decisions.

    “We took a couple of trees whose elimination would benefit the surrounding trees,” Jaenelle said. “We’ll use the branches to create wreaths or other decorations. That will add the scent to the room.” She edged toward the door, then stopped as if listening to something beyond the room. “Oh, good. Marian is here.”

    Which meant Lucivar was also here. *Prick?* he called on a psychic spear thread.

    *Let me stash the little beast and I’ll meet you,* Lucivar replied.

    “All right,” Daemon said to Jaenelle. “Since Marian is here, I’ll—”

    “Stay here,” Jaenelle said, heading for the door. “I need to pee, and someone needs to guard the gifts until they’re all properly shielded.”

    Daemon looked at the gifts stacked around the tree. “Huh?”

    “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t leave the room.When I get back, Marian and I will sort the gifts and put on the appropriate shields.”

    “What are you figuring is going to happen to them?”

    She just looked at him.

    “Fine,” he said, trying not to grumble. “I’ll guard the gifts.”

    She was almost out the door when she stopped and looked at him over her shoulder. “Papa arrived a little while ago, but I haven’t seen him yet.”

    Then she was gone, and he felt as if he’d been shuffled to a back room and given a senseless task just to keep him out of the way. Hell’s fire, his father and brother were in the Hall. He should be spending time with them instead of guarding boxes. Or he should be in his study, working. He still had some work to do. Not much, but some. And even if he didn’t have work and just stretched out on the couch and read a book, he wouldn’t feel like a stray puppy that someone had forgotten. Not if he was in his study.

    A quick knock on the door. Before he could say anything, a maid and two footmen entered the room, their arms full of boxes.

    “Excuse us, Prince,” the maid said. “We were told to bring these gifts here.”

    Daemon smiled at them and stepped aside.

    “Are you going home for Winsol?” he asked.

    “We’re drawing lots tonight to see who’s working which days,” the younger footman said.

    They stacked the packages in front of the tree. Moments after they walked out the door, Lucivar walked in.

    “Hiding already?” Lucivar asked. “Winsol hasn’t officially started.”

    “I’m guarding the gifts,” Daemon replied.

    “From what? You didn’t put any food under there, did you? You never put food gifts under the tree. I did that one year, and the younger kindred found the boxes of fudge and the boxes of rawhide strips. What a mess.”

    “If there’s food under the tree, I didn’t put it there.”

    “Good. There’s something I want to show you. I had it made for Daemonar and—”

    A quick knock on the door, and another maid entered the room.

    “I was told to put these packages under the tree,” she said.

    “They’re going to be in and out of here for the rest of the day,” Lucivar muttered as soon as the maid left. “Let’s find another room. We need a couple of minutes in private.”

    “I’m supposed to guard the gifts,” Daemon said.

    “Tch. The little beast is in the playroom, enthralled by jingling puppies, so the room will be fine. We won’t go far. Besides, he doesn’t know which room has the presents.”

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