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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(20) by Anne Bishop
  • Since Daemon thought guarding the gifts was a pointless exercise anyway, it didn’t take much persuasion. He and Lucivar hurried along the corridor, sneaked around the corner, and slipped into another sitting room.

    “Do we ever use this room?” Daemon asked, looking around.

    “Male sanctuary,” Lucivar replied. “Used to use it when the coven lived here most of the time. Gave the boyos breathing room to talk among themselves while still being close by if they were needed.” He waved a hand, dismissing further interest in the room. “Look at this.” He called in a rectangular wood-and-glass box.

    Daemon obediently leaned over to look into the box.

    “It’s a bug-in-a-box,” Lucivar said, grinning.

    From one end of the box, a little black beetle emerged. As it made its way to the other end, it grew and grew and grew until . . .


    There were sounds. Daemon wasn’t sure a beetle actually made sounds that were a cross between insect noise and cranky grumbling, but it added to the appeal. Or the disgust. He had a strong suspicion the emotion of the person viewing this little toy would depend on whether that person had a penis or br**sts.

    “You have that box shielded, don’t you?” he asked.

    Lucivar made a huffy sound of disbelief. “I’ve got it triple shielded. There is no way Daemonar is getting that bug out of the box.”

    “If he does . . .” Daemon looked at his brother.

    Lucivar sighed. “The only question will be whether Marian tries to kill me before she divorces me or after.”

    “As long as you know the risks.” He grinned. Couldn’t help it. “Daemonar will love it.”

    “Yeah, he will.”

    Picturing Daemonar’s face when the boy opened that gift reminded him of where he was supposed to be. “I’d better get back to guarding the gifts.”

    Lucivar vanished the box. “I’ll go with you. If I look like I’ve got something to do, maybe I won’t get cornered into doing something.”

    They hurried back to the other room, opened the door—and froze just inside the doorway.

    Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful.

    “He wasn’t anywhere near this room when we left,” Lucivar said. “I swear by all I hold dear, he wasn’t anywhere near this room.”

    Well, the little beast was in the middle of it now, sitting on the floor surrounded by various-sized boxes and drifts of torn wrapping paper.

    “Papa!” Daemonar cried. “Unka Daemon! Lizzen!”

    Bang bang bang. The sound of box on floor.

    And the sound of something delicate—and no doubt expensive—breaking inside the box.

    Daemon felt his face muscles shift into a tight smile—or maybe it was a grimace. Must have been the appropriate response, because Daemonar grinned at him and went back to banging the box on the floor.

    “Whatever is inside is already broken,” Lucivar said. “No point taking it away from him now. He’ll just grab for something else.”

    “We’ll have to figure out who brought it and get it replaced.” Sweet Darkness, please don’t let it be something that was commissioned and was one of a kind.

    Lucivar stared at the boy and the mess, looking more and more baffled. “Marian wants another one of those.”

    “Another one of what?”

    Lucivar lifted his chin. “Those.”

    Daemon looked at the little winged boy who was the reason Jaenelle was going to rip him into chunks and feed him to somebody, then back at his brother. “Why?”

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