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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(27) by Anne Bishop
  • Blushing and still looking baffled, she said, “This is my present?”

    He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, leaving her in no doubt about the kind of memories he wanted to make tonight.

    “No, lover,” he purred. “This is my present.”


    On the third day of Winsol, Daemon walked into Lucivar’s eyrie and caught the boy who half leaped, half flew at him.

    “Unka Daemon!”

    He gave Daemonar a smacking kiss on the cheek. “Hello, boyo. Are you being good?”

    He and the boy both ignored the snarl that came from the kitchen in response to that question.

    “You read me a story?” Daemonar asked.

    “I guess we could read a story after—”

    “You read me a story now?”

    “Let me ask your papa.”

    “We gotta tree. I show you!”

    The boy was damn hard to hold on to once he started wiggling. Daemon put him down and watched him run to the other end of the room where another Craft-made tree sparkled.

    “Look, Unka Daemon!”

    Before Daemon could growl “No,” Daemonar kicked at the wrapped presents.

    Nothing happened.

    Then the front door opened, Marian and Jaenelle walked in, and Daemonar raced to meet them. Since it didn’t look like he was going to go around his uncle, Daemon prudently got out of the way.

    “Auntie J.! Auntie J.! We gotta tree!”

    “I see that,” Jaenelle said, crouching to receive her hugs and kisses. “Do you like the tree I made for the eyrie?”

    “Yes! I read you a story! I read you a story now!”

    “Could we read a story after we eat?” Jaenelle asked. “I’m very hungry.”


    Marian smiled and held out a hand. Knowing better than to suggest that he could hang up his own coat, Daemon shucked off his overcoat and handed it to her before going into the kitchen.

    “You put illusion spells of gifts around your tree?” Daemon asked Lucivar.

    “The real gifts are at the Hall,” Lucivar said as he pulled a large casserole out of the oven and set it on the table.

    “Why couldn’t we have the illusion-spell gifts?” Daemon grumbled.

    “You can keep the real gifts until we open them on Winsol Night or you can keep the boy.”

    “I’ll keep the gifts,” Daemon said too quickly.

    “Smart choice.” Lucivar tipped his neck from side to side to ease the muscles. “Hell’s fire, he’s a handful this year.”

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