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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(29) by Anne Bishop
  • “Lady Surreal,” the Warlord said.

    “Happy Winsol,” she replied. “I’d like to leave a package for Prince Rainier. Could you make sure he gets it when he gets home?”

    A hesitation. “Prince Rainier returned home an hour ago.”

    “But . . .” He’s supposed to be with his family in Dharo.

    Another hesitation. A deliberate pause of a man deciding whether he should meddle. “Perhaps you would like to deliver the package yourself ?”

    Surreal studied the man. “He asked you to tell people he wasn’t in, didn’t he?”

    “He said he didn’t want to be disturbed.”

    I’ll bet he did. She leaned against the desk. “Have I been sufficiently scary during this conversation?”

    “Oh, no, Lady, you’ve—” He paused. Considered. Smiled as he opened a wall cabinet behind him, removed a key, and handed it to her. “You were quite forceful in your insistence that I give you the spare key so that you could put the Prince’s gift in his apartment rather than leaving it here at the desk.”

    “Since he’s been on the receiving end of my insistence often enough, he’ll believe the part about my being forceful,” she said with a wink.

    She climbed the stairs slowly and steadily, but she still heard the rasp in her lungs by the time she reached Rainier’s floor. How was he managing the stairs on that leg? Did he have sense enough to float down the stairways?

    Probably not.

    When she reached his door, she took a moment to catch her breath. No point starting a fight if she couldn’t yell at him.

    She vanished the present, unlocked the door, and walked into his parlor, only to find Rainier standing there waiting for the intruder, looking pale and furious.

    “Surreal . . .”

    “You wear Opal; I wear Gray. I outrank you. Shut up.”

    She could feel his temper taking a sharper edge, but he wasn’t a fool. His being a Warlord Prince couldn’t make up for the difference in their power.

    “You were supposed to be visiting your family,” Surreal said.

    “I did visit. Now I’m back.”

    And sounding more bitter than when he’d left.

    “Well, that’s good, actually, because the family is gathering at the Keep for Winsol. You and I will have a quiet dinner at the town house tonight, and tomorrow afternoon we’ll go up to the Keep.”

    “Surreal, it’s a family gathering. I’m not family.”

    “Oh, that’s not a problem.” She walked up to him, smiled, and slugged him in the shoulder hard enough to almost knock him off his feet. “Now you’re an honorary cousin. If you get pissy about this, I’m going to tell Daemon and Lucivar that you didn’t want to be family for Winsol because you didn’t want to be related to them.Won’t that be fun when they show up wanting an explanation?”


    “Boyo, you have no idea.” She gave him a minute to appreciate just how cornered he really was. “So, are you still packed or do you need help?”

    “I can take care of it tomorrow if you want to go back to the town house now,” Rainier said.

    She bared her teeth in a smile. “You and your luggage are coming with me to the town house. Where you’ll be staying tonight.”

    “I’m not going to run away.”

    “Damn right, you’re not. I’m not going to face all of them by myself.”

    He studied her. Then he sighed. “Fine. I’ll swap out some clothes. Give me a few minutes.”

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