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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(45) by Anne Bishop
  • Rainier cried out in pain as he hit the stone floor—and they all heard bone snap.

    “No!” Surreal screamed. She rushed over and dropped to her knees beside Rainier at the same moment Lucivar reached Falonar and shoved the Eyrien back a step—and wondered why the man had a Sapphire shield around himself for what should have been a slow warm-up.

    “I tried to catch him,” Falonar said, sounding regretful.

    Except that particular tone of regret made Lucivar think of the hunting camp and the boys who had been hurt during training exercises. It was an aristo tone that meant the boy who had done the harm wasn’t sorry at all.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Lucivar shouted.

    “Nothing is wrong with me,” Falonar snapped. “I just proved what you should have known—a cripple doesn’t have any place among Eyrien warriors.”

    Surreal threw herself at Falonar, her scream of rage startling Lucivar enough that he put a skintight Red shield around himself. He grabbed the back of her shirt before she reached Falonar, and began a spin that would lift her away from the other Eyrien.

    She lashed out with her right hand as she was lifted and tossed away from the men.

    Lucivar felt Falonar’s Sapphire shield break under a punch of Surreal’s Gray power as she lashed out. Saw the blood on the Eyrien’s left arm. Felt the big knife that slid on his Red shield instead of slicing him along the waist as Falonar responded with a counterattack. Tossing Surreal aside, Lucivar continued the spin, calling in his own fighting knife.

    By the time he faced Falonar, he was armed, he was balanced, and he was ready.

    The fury in Falonar’s eyes was aimed right at him, but the man stepped back and lowered his knife.

    Lucivar glanced at Falonar’s left arm. A deep slice through muscle, freely bleeding.

    “Surreal,” he said, never taking his eyes off the other Warlord Prince, “go to the Keep. Now.”

    “I’ll go back to The Tavern after—”

    “Unless you want a knife dance with me, you will do as you’re told,” he snapped.

    As he felt her stare at his back, he’d never been more aware of how much of her temper and inclinations came from her Dea al Mon heritage.

    There were good reasons why the Children of the Wood were feared by the other races in Kaeleer.

    She moved slowly, circling around him and Falonar.

    “Prince Falonar may have proved that a cripple has no place among Eyriens, but I just proved he wouldn’t have survived that demon-dead bastard any better than Rainier did.”

    Mother Night, she’s riding the killing edge. The wild look in her eyes wasn’t quite sane. That, more than anything else, was why males didn’t want witches involved in physical fighting. Females were a lot harder to control once they rose to the killing edge.

    “Go to the Keep,” he said firmly. “I will deal with this.” And I’ll hurt you if I have to.

    The moment she walked out of the communal eyrie and it was safe to move without provoking an attack, Zaranar and Rothvar rushed over to Rainier.

    Rothvar’s hand hovered over Rainier’s leg. “Hell’s fire, there are healing spells already holding those muscles and bone together.”

    Lucivar backed away from Falonar, who stood straight and proud despite the bleeding arm.

    “Get that arm tended,” he said. “I’ll talk to you later.”

    Falonar looked at the wound that had come from the sight-shielded blade held by a furious woman. “What is there to say?”

    Plenty, Lucivar thought. “Get it tended.”

    He waited until Falonar left before sending out a call on an Ebon-gray spear thread. *Daemon!*


    *I need Jaenelle here as a Healer. Now.*

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