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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(63) by Anne Bishop
  • As he shifted his weight to take the first step into the street, Endar said, “Take my arm to steady yourself. Despite what some people say, there is no shame in accepting help.”

    “There’s no shame in being something besides a guard,” Rainier said quietly.

    “What else could I be?”

    Does their thinking get stagnant because they’re a long-lived race and have so many years ahead of them? “I don’t know, but I’ve heard Yaslana is looking for a teacher for the Eyrien children—someone who has the education to teach them the basics as well as Eyrien history.”

    “Eyrien history.”

    The words were barely loud enough for Rainier to hear, but that didn’t diminish the excitement in Endar’s voice.

    “I’ve also heard that an Eyrien historian storyteller has recently come to the Dark Realm and is willing to teach someone what he knows before he becomes a whisper in the Darkness,” Rainier continued.

    There was so much wanting in Endar’s face it was painful to look at him.

    “I’m not old enough,” Endar said. “And I’m sound, so—”

    “I don’t recall Yaslana mentioning anything about age as a requirement, only a specific amount of education,” Rainier said tartly. “And I don’t recall him saying a man had to be lame in order to teach. If anything, I would think you’d need some speed and agility to keep up with the children. Lucivar isn’t chained to traditions that don’t suit this territory or this Realm. If you want to pass up work you’d enjoy because you’re young and sound, that’s your choice. But Lucivar is going to get a teacher for the children, and he’s going to give someone the opportunity to learn from that historian storyteller. You have to decide if that person is going to be you.”

    They stopped in front of the coffee shop. Endar stared at him. Then the Eyrien Warlord smiled.

    “Will you be all right finishing your walk alone?” Endar asked.

    “I’ll be fine. What about you? Will you be fine?”

    The smile brightened. “I think so. I have to talk to Dorian, but I think we’ll all be fine.”

    A two-fingered salute. Then Endar stepped into the street, spread his dark wings, and flew home.

    Rainier watched the Eyrien and began to understand what Daemon meant about a different kind of dance.



    *Endar needs a little time to talk things over with his wife, but I think you’ll have your teacher.*

    One more down, Lucivar thought as he leaned against the table and watched Jillian shuffle toward him. He’d ask Daemon to go over Endar’s credentials and suggest what the Warlord needed to add to his own education to fulfill the requirements of the new position. If Rainier’s impression was correct and Endar had more book learning than most Eyriens, the man would suit the job, at least in terms of temperament. He’d confirmed that when he’d had Endar act as instructor to Surreal and Jillian.

    He pointed to a spot in front of him that, to a young girl’s eye, would look like she was out of reach. She wouldn’t be, not with his speed and reflexes, but he thought she’d feel more comfortable with a little distance between them.

    He closed his hands over the edge of the table and waited until she stood in the required spot.

    “You got strapped,” he said.

    “Yes, sir,” she mumbled.


    “Couple days ago.”

    “How bad?”

    She shrugged.

    “You didn’t let your sister check your back for injuries?”

    She shook her head.

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