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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(69) by Anne Bishop
  • Her heart banged against her chest so hard she could barely hear him. “Lucivar, I can’t do this.”

    “Yes, you can. Just sit and read him stories. He loves that. And he’s housebroken, so you don’t have to worry about changing diapers.”

    He couldn’t pay her enough to change a diaper. “I have to go.”

    Lucivar gave her a smacking kiss on the forehead and was moving toward the door, saying, “Daemonar! I’ll be back soon.”

    Little feet running. The sound of small boots smacking on a stone floor as Daemonar raced into the large front room. “Papa! I want to go with you!”

    “Not today, boyo. Play nice with your auntie Surreal.” Lucivar looked at her. “One hour.”

    He was outside and flying off before she reached the door.


    Sick shivers. Feverish heat. Too damn hard to breathe.

    She closed the door and turned around. Daemonar gave her the sweetest smile.

    She hadn’t been alone with a child since that night in the spooky house. Had made sure she was never alone with a child. But maybe this wouldn’t be too bad. After all, this was Lucivar’s home, not a place that had been designed as a trap to kill members of the family. And he’d promised he’d be back in an hour.

    She slipped out of her coat and hung it on the coat tree near the door.

    “You want to play a game, Auntie Srell?” Daemonar asked, following her into the kitchen.

    “All right.” Her heart gave her chest another kick. “Let me put this food away first, and then we can play a game.”

    Steak pie. Vegetable casserole. A small jar of chopped fruit to be served over sweet biscuits. She put everything but the biscuits in the cold box. Leaving those on the table, she set the basket on the counter and looked around.


    A little-boy giggle. “Come find me, Auntie Srell. Come find me.”


    She crept toward the archway that led to the large front room. “Daemonar?”

    The patter of small boots on stone.

    She moved fast, following the sound. The eyrie was a warren of rooms, but the boy should be easy enough to find. It wasn’t like he was being quiet.

    Then there was no sound. None at all.


    She headed for the bedrooms, then heard, from behind her, “Come find me,” and the sound of feet running back toward the kitchen.

    She dashed back to the kitchen and took a quick look under the table. It would be easy enough for a boy his size to dart between the chairs and hide.

    No little boy under the table.

    So damn hard to breathe. Had she drunk her healing brew this afternoon? Couldn’t remember.

    She moved through the rooms, searching. Sometimes she heard a giggle, sometimes the scrape of boot on stone.

    The worst is still to come.

    The bad things hadn’t happened yet. She had time to find the boy. Lucivar’s little boy. Couldn’t let him get hurt by twisted bitches or lethally honed blades. Couldn’t let the bad things happen to him. Not to Lucivar’s boy.

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