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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(80) by Anne Bishop
  • “Because I’m Dea al Mon.”


    Hadn’t she thought along similar lines the day she’d clashed with Falonar in The Tavern?

    “I’d like to make that visit, and I’d like some training with you, if you’re willing. But not just yet.” Weighing loyalties and confidences, she decided Chaosti was as much family to Lucivar as she was. “Something is going on here.”

    “Lucivar’s decision to have some of the Eyriens leave Ebon Rih is not your concern, cousin.”

    “No, it’s not, but he needs someone watching his back until they’re gone.”

    “Isn’t that what his second-in-command is supposed to do?”

    “That’s what a second-in-command is supposed to do,” she agreed. “But there’s more than one way to stab a man in the back.”

    “Like striking at his family?” Chaosti tipped his head to indicate the other people in the eyrie.

    She nodded. “Or good friends like Merry and Briggs.”

    “Not wounds Lucivar would recover from easily,” Chaosti said.

    “If at all.”

    “Do you want me to stay?”

    “No. But it wouldn’t hurt to have the Eyriens in Riada get a look at another side of the SaDiablo family.”

    “Lucivar is with the other men now. I’ll go over there and personally give him the news that you’ve recovered.”

    “Yeah. About that.” He helped her sit up, then pulled the covers away so she could swing her legs over the side of the bed. “Was Marian upset about me tearing up the place?”

    “She said it has given her an opportunity to look at what’s been stored and pass along what is no longer needed.”

    Meaning the hearth witch must have been shocked when she’d returned to her home. “Shit.”

    He laughed as he helped her to her feet and bundled her into a robe. She didn’t need that much help. She was sure of it. But she wasn’t feeling steady enough to argue with a Warlord Prince and take care of herself.

    He helped her to the bathroom, then helped her to the kitchen, where Jaenelle and Marian were talking.

    “You’re looking wobbly, sugar,” Jaenelle said. “But you’ll do.” She sounded amused, but Surreal heard approval beneath the amusement.

    “Jaenelle!” Marian scolded. “Be nice.”

    “Instead of honest?” Jaenelle asked innocently.

    Marian narrowed her eyes at Jaenelle, then gave Surreal a brilliant smile. “We’re glad you’re feeling better. Are you hungry?”

    Surreal’s stomach growled. They all laughed.

    “Auntie Srell!”

    One moment she was standing on her own feet. The next, Daemonar flung himself at her and would have knocked her down if Chaosti hadn’t caught her. He positioned a chair behind her and laughed in her ear as he said, “We really do need to work on your defensive skills, cousin.”

    She would have said something sharp and concise, but she was being hugged breathless by the boy in her lap.

    “I’m sorry, Auntie Srell!”

    “I know you are, boyo.” She gingerly put her arms around him. “I know.”

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