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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(94) by Anne Bishop
  • There were only four people in The Tavern, but it felt much too crowded, and the air felt too stuffy to breathe. Slipping into her coat, Surreal released the Gray lock on the door, stepped outside, and studied Riada’s main street.

    Nothing moved. Not a horse, not a cart, not a person. Not even a dog. The village was locked down. Lady Shayne hadn’t hesitated when Surreal had given that order—and hadn’t asked why she was giving the order on Yaslana’s behalf instead of Falonar. And wasn’t that interesting?

    *Sadi?* she called on a psychic thread.

    *Something wrong?* he asked.

    *No, it’s quiet—Wait.* She saw the Eyriens arrowing toward Riada. Fighting formations. That couldn’t be good.

    Holding the psychic link open between them, she wrapped herself in a Gray shield and stepped to the edge of the sidewalk. Being the only person in sight, she wouldn’t be hard to spot.

    They came in fast, then backwinged and landed half a block from where she stood. Rothvar and Zaranar led the formations. They were the ones who approached her, along with Hallevar and Kohlvar. The others called in crossbows or war blades and watched the buildings and the sky.

    “The village is locked down?” Rothvar asked. “Why?”

    “Where is the Healer and her sister? Endar’s family?” Zaranar asked.

    She spotted Falonar gliding toward them, backwinging with too little concern considering how tense the other men were. She waited until he joined the four men who seemed to be the unofficial leaders of the group.

    “There is trouble in the north,” Surreal said. “There’s a chance it’s going to spill over onto Riada. So we’ve prepared the village and alerted the Queen and her Master of the Guard. Nurian, Jillian, and Endar’s family are with Marian.”

    “Yaslana?” Hallevar asked.

    She looked straight at Falonar. “He’s gone north to deal with the problem.” You hadn’t figured the Queen would lock down the village, putting everyone on alert, did you, sugar? And as sure as the sun doesn’t shine in Hell, you weren’t expecting anyone from Lucivar’s family to be anticipating a fight here.

    “When did he leave?” “We were just farting over Doun with that flyover. Why didn’t he call us?” “Who did he have with him?” “Who’s guarding his eyrie?”

    A jumble of voices since all four men were asking the same questions, throwing the words at her.

    Thunder rolled down the mountain, a warning of temper that silenced all of them.

    “Prince Sadi is guarding the eyrie,” Surreal said. “Yaslana will have to answer the rest of your questions when he returns.”

    The door behind her opened. Rainier stepped out, followed by Merry and Briggs. Not bothering to swear at them for leaving the shielded building, she put a Gray shield around the three of them and said, *Stay put.*

    “Have they heard from Lucivar?” Merry asked.

    “No,” Surreal said, watching the Eyriens. All the Warlords were angry. If there was trouble in the north, they shouldn’t have been pissing around with a flyover. Maybe they wouldn’t have followed Lucivar north, but they would have formed a guard to watch over Doun and Riada.

    Nothing that was done today made sense if there was real trouble.

    She’d barely finished that thought when an Eyrien came winging in from the opposite direction—from the north.

    He stumbled as he landed. Bloody face, bloody clothes.

    *He’s the same one who came this morning to fetch Lucivar,* Merry told her.

    Surreal felt the cold rage twining down the link she still had with Sadi. Shit shit shit. She should have broken the link when she had a chance. If she cut him off now, he’d be down here among the Eyriens looking for answers, and he wouldn’t be concerned about who, if anyone, survived that little chat.

    “He’s dead!” the young Warlord cried as he stumbled toward them. “Yaslana is dead!”

    “No!” Hallevar roared. “There’s nothing in this valley strong enough to bring down the Ebon-gray!”

    *Except his brother,* Surreal sent. The snarl that came back to her was full of hot anger, not cold rage. Thank the Darkness for that.

    “Where?” Rothvar shouted as Zaranar said, “Are you sure?”

    “That bastard was expecting this,” Rainier whispered in her ear.

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