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  • Twilight's Dawn(Black Jewels,Book 9)(98) by Anne Bishop
  • His body ached. His teeth began to chatter. “None.”

    If he hadn’t been so tired—and, more to the point, feeling hollowed out—he would have thought of that himself.

    “Mother Night.”

    Turning at the sound of his father’s voice, Lucivar saw the shock in Saetan’s eyes before the High Lord locked away all feelings.

    *Do I really look that bad?* he asked Daemon.

    *Prick, you have no idea how bad you look,* Daemon said grimly.

    Damn. He should have warned Saetan, should have told him he wasn’t hurt before arriving at the Keep. It hadn’t occurred to him that Andulvar and Prothvar must have looked like this the day they became demon-dead. Having won that battle, they had walked off the killing field, but they no longer walked among the living.

    “There’s nothing wrong with him that a good scrubbing and a hot meal won’t fix,” Daemon said with enough bite to make Lucivar snarl in response.

    But the bite and snarl were exactly what Saetan needed to relax. He called in a porcelain dish and used Craft to float it over to Lucivar. “I’ll cleanse your Jewels for you.”

    “I can—”

    *Let him do it,* Daemon said. *Just in case we find anything under all that blood that you don’t want him to see.*

    Lucivar removed the Ebon-gray pendant and the Red ring, put them in the dish, and floated it back to his father. Then he stripped out of his clothes, wondering if it was worth the effort to clean them.

    Saetan must have wondered the same thing, because he shook his head and vanished the clothes, including the boots, belt, and knife sheath. He turned and walked inside, saying nothing.

    “Seeing you like this hit a nerve, and I don’t think he’s feeling as steady as he’s pretending to be,” Daemon said. “The sooner we get you cleaned up, the better.”

    Shivering, Lucivar stepped under the pipes, twisted the lever that controlled the water, and let out a breathless scream as the frigid water hit him, turning to steam as it battled against Daemon’s warming spell.

    When hands grabbed him and spun him around, his own hands balled into fists, but he managed to stop himself from hitting Daemon. He hadn’t realized Sadi had intended to strip down and actually help him wash up.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Daemon’s hands tightened on Lucivar’s arms, the nails just pricking the skin.

    Coming to the Keep and shocking Saetan with his appearance. Stepping under an ice-cold spray of water instead of waiting for the hot water to get through the pipes. Daemon had good reason to ask the question.

    “Nothing physical,” Lucivar said.

    Those long-nailed fingers clamped on either side of his head as Daemon stared into his eyes. He felt the Black brushing over his inner barriers, looking for damage, for some kind of wound.

    “Nothing wrong with my mind either.”

    “Then what?” Daemon’s question sounded more like a demand.

    “Shades of honor. All the Eyriens on that field chose to turn on me because, in their eyes, I was still just the half-breed bastard and always would be. I’m done with that. Anyone who wants to live in my territory can accept me for what I am or they can leave.”

    Water poured over both of them. Daemon’s hands slid down Lucivar’s face to rest on his shoulders.

    “Every one of them is dead?” Daemon asked softly.

    “Every one.”

    “Will any of them become demon-dead?”


    Daemon studied him. “You could have killed them all with one blast of the Ebon-gray. Why did you give them a chance to fight and take the risk of getting hurt?”

    “Their fate was decided from the moment they stepped on that field, so it wasn’t about giving them a chance.” Lucivar’s smile wobbled, and for a moment his eyes were tear-bright. “I just needed to work off some temper.”

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