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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(13) by Chelle Bliss
  • He looked me straight in the eye and didn’t crack a smile. “Blue balls.”

    “Seems like a personal problem. I could write you a prescription for something, if you’d like.”

    “Um, f**k no to a prescription, but I’m sure it’s nothing you couldn’t fix.” He smirked. “Wanna help me out?”

    I leaned forward, my lips almost touching his I said, “Usually when someone walks in with an erection that won’t subside, we drain the fluid with a very large needle. I’m a pro. Interested in seeing my skills first hand?”

    His mouth hung open as he gaped. “That’s just inhumane. I mean Jesus, Mia, how could you do that to another human being?” He stepped back, shaking his head.

    “Better than it having to be amputated from lack of circulation. So what did you want to drink again?” I smiled until my cheek muscles ached. I couldn’t remember the last time I smiled or laughed as much as I had with him tonight.

    “Lemon Drop. Let’s skip the Blue Balls,” he said swallowing hard, probably still reeling from the thought of the long needle in his dick.

    “Good choice and they’re my favorite.”

    “I gotcha.” He looked away and motioned to the bartender.

    I studied him as he ordered our drinks. Without talking to him I’d think he was just another meathead muscle guy without the ability to think quickly and hold a witty conversation, but I would’ve been dead wrong.

    Michael was a conundrum to me – brains, brawn, and beauty. His eyes moved in my direction for a moment, but his attention was drawn away from me by the clinking of the glasses on the bar.

    Grinning, he slid the clear liquid in front of me. “What shall we drink to?” he asked as he placed the sugar soaked lemons in between us.

    “To blue balls?” I asked, holding up the shot glass.

    “Fuck that shit. Don’t ever mention that to me again,” he said, picking up his glass. “To new beginnings.” He raised his glass and tapped it against mine.

    Warmth cascaded throughout my body before the liquid ever touched my lips. I didn’t want to read into his words and feel like a fool, but the thought of getting to know this sexy as hell man made my toes curl. “Cheers.”

    Watching him over the rim, he stared at me, never wavering, and winked as the liquid slid down my throat. It burned for a moment and I winced from the vodka before I slammed the glass down. I reached for the lemon, needing something to cover the taste of the vodka. He was one step ahead of me and already had the lemon in his hand holding it.

    I blinked slowly. The martini and shot coursing through my system was already starting to cloud my vision. Opening my lips, I stuck out my tongue and waited for him to place the lemon on it.

    I closed my lips around his fingers as the sugar made my mouth water. Running my tongue across the coarse pads of his fingers, I sucked the juice and swallowed. His eyes narrowed as he watched my mouth with parted lips.

    I had him right where I wanted him. Two could play games.

    “Fuck me,” he muttered and looked away as I opened my lips allowing his fingers to slide out.

    “You okay? You look a little off.” I covered my mouth with my hand, trying to hide my laughter.

    He leaned in, brushing the hair away from my shoulder. “If you keep that shit up I’m going to find another way to occupy your mouth.”

    I’d like to say it was the alcohol that caused him to have that effect on me, but I’d be lying. “I don’t know what you mean.”

    He wrapped his fingers around the back of my neck, bringing his lips within centimeters of mine. “You know exactly what you’re doing to me. Let’s not play games here, Mia.” He searched my eyes.

    I could feel his warm breath against my lips and my heart pounded in my chest faster than the rhythm of the music. Looking into his eyes without blinking, I melted against him. “Who said I’m playing, Michael.”

    I wanted him to kiss me.

    He inched close, eyes locked with mine, as I placed my hand against his chest. The rapid tattoo of his heart thumped against my palm matching the beat of my mine.

    Leaning forward, I closed my eyes, and held my breath. Butterflies filled my stomach and my legs trembled. The warmth of his lips sent shivers down my body.

    The noise around us disappeared as he kissed me. Nothing else seemed to exist except him and me.

    Tipping my head back, his grip on the back of my neck increased as he pulled me against his rock hard chest. The feel of him against me was amazing as he kissed me perfectly. Not too much lip, a dash of tongue as he held me against him. I moaned into his mouth as he bit my bottom lip. I sighed against his mouth, melting into his touch – I wanted to be closer to him.

    His tongue soothed the spot that he’d just sunk his teeth into and my sex convulsed from the tenderness.

    We became one, lost in each other.

    Pulling away he whispered, “Damn.” He rubbed his knuckles against my collarbone, before releasing his grip on my neck.

    Instantly I missed the warmth of his palm. My body swayed, as I stood there in a daze, blinking as I tried to regain my ability to think. Dumbfounded and in a fog by his kiss, I stood there like an idiot with a grin on my face.

    Chapter 6

    “See me again.” I wasn’t asking.

    It was a simple statement and I thought I’d use the moment to my advantage.

    “I know you’re busy, but I’ll make time for you,” I said as I gripped her hand, squeezing it.

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