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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(14) by Chelle Bliss
  • Her eyes closed and opened slowly before she peered into my eyes. “My life is hectic, Michael. I don’t have a normal schedule.” She frowned and looked at our hands as I stroked her fingers.

    “Fuck normal, Mia. Do you want to see me again or not?” I cocked my head and stared into her shimmering hazel eyes.

    “I do.” Her face was soft as her frown melted away and her eyes flickered back to mine.

    “Tomorrow,” I said. “I want to take you to dinner.”

    “I’m off tomorrow, beyond that I can’t make any promises, Michael.”

    “Give me your phone, Doc.”

    She fumbled as she dug inside her purse, pulling out her phone.

    I grabbed it not letting her back out now and dialed my number. Smiling, I snapped a quick photo and attached it to my number in her contacts. “I have your number and you have mine. What time do you want me to pick you up?”

    She waved her hands in the air and scrunched her lips. “I can drive,” she said narrowing her eyes.

    “I’m driving and paying. No arguments.” I wanted to surprise her and hopefully make that sassy ass mouth speechless. “What time, Mia?” I asked.

    “Is six okay? I have to work the next…”

    I cut her off, resting my finger against her lips. “Six is perfect. Text me your address and wear something sexy.”

    “Yes, sir,” she said, giggling before saluting me.

    I liked her smartass attitude. She’d sure as hell keep me on my toes.

    I grabbed her hand and brought the soft skin to my lips. Inhaling the vanilla scent, I peeked up at her face as I kissed it. She watched me with parted lips and wide eyes. “Until tomorrow, Mia. I don’t want to keep you from your friends any longer.”

    “Tomorrow,” she whispered.

    I waited for her to disappear into the crowd before trying to find Anthony. He sat on a couch against the wall with a group of girls surrounding him. They were enthralled by the topic of conversation… him.

    “Where ya playing next?” the blond sitting to his right asked, as she stroked his leg.

    “Yeah, we want to come see you in action.” The brunette bounced in her seat.

    I rolled my eyes as my brother looked at me and grinned. “Ladies, this is my brother Mike. He’s a fighter.”


    The last thing I needed or f**king wanted was the attention of these ‘ladies’ as Anthony so nicely put it.

    “Oooh,” cooed the blond as she slithered away from him and turned toward me.

    “Ready to hit it?” I asked ignoring them. I didn’t feel like making small talk.

    “Sure, man.” He pushed himself up and kissed their hands. “Next Saturday at the Ritz. I’m going to see each and every one of you, right?”

    They replied ‘yes’ and nodded with conviction.

    I grabbed his shirt, pulling him away from his fans. “You’re such a whore at times, Anth.”

    “I know. Whatever fills the seats, Mike. What girl doesn’t like a rocker?” He shrugged and waved at them over his shoulder as we walked away. “Hey, can we stop by the Ritz? I want to ask the owner a quick question.”

    “Not a problem.”

    “Tell me about the girl you were talking to,” he said as he slapped my shoulder.

    I looked at him and laughed. “She’s not who she seems to be.” Sometimes there are things you keep close to the vest – especially in my big mouth family.

    “I saw her knee that guy in the balls. She seems pretty hard core.”

    “She’s something else. Impressed the hell out of me, really.”

    “Hmm,” he said as we made our way toward the Ritz.

    “What the f**k does ‘hmm’ mean?”

    “Nothing. I think you need a ball buster in your life,” he said through a laugh.

    “Forget about it, brother.”

    “Did you make a plan to see her again?” He eyed me with one eyebrow cocked and a silly ass grin on his face.

    “Yes,” I answered as I stopped walking and looked at him.

    “Maybe she’ll break you.”

    “I don’t need that shit in my life,” I said leaving him to catch up.

    “You need to let loose a little, but in the right way. Maybe she’s just what the doctor ordered.”

    “You have no idea, Anthony.” I laughed as I grabbed the door handle, opening it to the most ear-shattering guitar riff known to man and followed him inside.

    I leaned against the wall, watching the band as they play for their screaming fans. The looks on their faces remind me of watching Anthony when he’s entertaining the crowds.

    His adrenaline rush came from the people that watch him like a rock god and mine came from beating the piss out of someone.

    When I fought the blood pumped through my body so rapidly that I could almost feel it moving. It’s hard to describe to another person. Every muscle in my body grows rigid and is screaming for release. My breathing increases to the point I feel like my lungs will burst if I suck in any more air. When I step into the ring, everything else fades away. I feel like a warrior, fighting for the thrill and challenge. There’s so much adrenaline in my system that I barely feel the blows of my opponent as they land against my body, sometimes crushing my bones.

    “I’m ready,” Anthony said, as he tapped me on the shoulder.

    I’d been so lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice his approach.

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