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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(21) by Chelle Bliss
  • “I’m not a walking hard-on. I can date someone without f**king them.” I looked at my ma, surprised she hadn’t yelled at us for our language, but she was wrapped up in grandbaby world.

    The couch shook with his laughter. “We’re all walking hard-ons, but I’m proud of you, brother. When are you seeing her again?”

    Before I could answer, Izzy walked in and stretched out on the floor with her head perched in her hands as she stared at the television.

    “Today.” Looking at my watch I said, “One hour in fact.”

    “What’s today?” she asked, turning around.

    “Nothing, Iz. Why do you always have to be so damn nosey?” I sounded like a dick and I might as well have put a billboard above my head with my response.

    She giggled like she did when she was a little girl watching her favorite television show, Fraggle Rock. “God, you boys are so easy to read. Don’t come crying to me when this one wants your name tattooed on her body. You sure know how to pick’em, Mikey.”

    I swiped my hands across my face, shaking my head. “Where’s your man, Iz? We’ve been dying to meet him,” I said looking down at her.

    “Hell no, I’m not bring him around you baboons for a long time. When I do, you’ll know he’s the one, until then he’s only for me. Learned my lesson long ago with you boys.”

    “We’re not the same. We’ve grown up,” Joe said before grabbing Suzy hand and kissing it.

    “In some ways,” she said over her shoulder, turning her attention back to the game.

    “Anyway,” I murmured, changing he subject and looked at my ma. “Hey Ma, can we have dessert now? I have an appointment.”

    “On a Sunday?” she asked putting down the needles.

    “He has a date, Mom. A hot one I’d say for him to be rushing out of here on a Sunday.” Izzy smiled at my mom before looking at me with a shitty smirk.

    I grabbed the pillow from the side of the couch and threw it at her. “I have a date, Ma. I have to leave in thirty minutes. Forgive me?”

    One thing you didn’t mess with is the Sunday Gallo dinner. Days like today, they seemed like torture.

    “Anything for love, Michael.” She smiled.

    She didn’t have to say it, but I knew my mother well enough that she’d do anything for love, even hand out dessert a little early. The visions of babies danced around in her head too much for her to deny any of us a pass on family time for the chance of love and that elusive grandchild.

    Chapter 9

    My palms felt slick and my heart felt like it would burst as I put on the harness. “I can’t believe you talked me into this shit,” I said, my hands shaking so badly I couldn’t snap the latch between my legs.

    “I thought you liked an adrenaline rush and I know you love the ocean. Couldn’t think of a better thing to do. Two for one deal,” he smiled at me, fastening his harness without a problem.

    “Just my f**king luck. Yay,” I said sarcastically and clapped. “But you forgot one thing.” I held up my finger and waved it in the air.

    “What?” he asked as he stepped closer, grabbing my finger.

    “I’m afraid of heights.”

    “Shit, I didn’t know. Probably the one thing we didn’t talk about this week. It’s safe and I’ll be with you. It’s the most amazing view from up there. We have to do it, I promise you’ll love it.”

    “And if I don’t?” I asked as I titled my head and smirked.

    “Then I’ll do anything you want, but I know you will. Plus, you can just hold on to me and scream. I won’t think any less of you, well, not much at least.”

    I can’t believe I was going to follow through and let myself be pulled over the ocean by a thin rope. “Fine, but I can’t get this damn thing on,” I said frustrated and scared as I threw up my hands in defeat.

    “Let me. It would be my pleasure.” He kneeled before me, brushing his hand against my inner thigh as he grabbed one end of the strap.

    I sucked in a breath, shuttering, as I grabbed his shoulder to steady myself. If it wasn’t bad enough that I was petrified to the point of almost hyperventilating, the feel of his skin against mine took my breath away.

    He looked up at me, smirking as he brought the latch forward rubbing his hand against my other inner thigh. I closed my eyes and ignored how close he was to me, how near his hands were to the ache between my legs.

    No matter what I did all week, I couldn’t get the throbbing I felt from being on top of him at the beach to go away.

    The latch snapped. I could do this. The nearness of him dulled my fear.

    His fingers brushed against my mound, sending an electric current through my body, as he grabbed the latched. “Safe and secure,” he said, pulling on the latch with a chuckle.

    I opened my eyes and looked down at him. “I wouldn’t use either of those words right now,” I said as I smacked his shoulder.

    I wasn’t talking about parasailing either.

    “Come on, beautiful. There’s no turning back now. Up ya go,” he said, grabbing my legs and throwing me my over his shoulder.

    I squealed as I flopped against his body, my chest colliding with his shoulder. I smacked his back; bouncing as I kicked trying to break free. “Put me down!” I yelled and laughed.

    “My view is too damn good to do that, Doc,” he said and swatted my ass.

    “Pig.” I reached down and tried pinched his ass.

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