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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(26) by Chelle Bliss
  • I nodded, looking down at my towel. “Let me grab some pajamas first.”

    I took one step away from the bed before he grabbed the towel and pulled, stripping me bare. “Seen it all, Doc. Felt it too. No clothes, just us and the bed.”

    Shrugging, I said, “Okay,” with a soft voice.

    In the center of the bed, I watched as he folded my towel and disappeared into the bathroom. A moment later he emerged stark naked in all his glory. The phrase fit him perfectly. It was a damn glorious sight.

    I stared, licking my lips as he walked toward the bed. It’s not often a person can actually see the flex and release of a muscle with such definition.

    The man didn’t have an ounce of body fat anywhere that I could see. Even his ass felt rock hard underneath my heels earlier.

    His c**k twitched and I quickly looked up at his face. My sex ached from the battering it took earlier. I missed that feeling, the one that reminded me of being pleasured.

    “Like what you see?” he asked, winking at me as he lifted the sheet.

    “Not bad,” I said, trying to seem indifferent.

    He slid across the material and pressed his body to mine.

    His hard to my soft felt amazing.

    Brushing the hair off my forehead, he asked, “You sleep on your back or you side?”

    “I toss and turn mostly.” I stared into his soft brown eyes.

    He smiled as his hand stilled against my hair. “Good, I sleep on my back,” he said rolling over. “Come here.”

    I scooted across the bed as he lifted his arm. I put my head on his chest, sighing and smiled against his skin. The hardness under my cheek softened as he wrapped his arm around me and started to stroke my arm.

    I moved my legs a couple times trying to get comfortable.

    “Put your leg over me. Make yourself comfortable.”

    I adjust my body, placing my hand that had been smashed between us on my leg and wrapped it around his bottom half.

    Placing his arm back on my shoulder, he whispered, “Good now?”

    “Perfect,” I said, as I placed my hand against his hard pec.

    I stroked the spot between his two pecs, watching the path of my fingers until my eyes felt heavy. Mindlessly running my finger back and forth, I didn’t feel the need to toss and turn like normal.

    I felt at peace.

    “Just close your eyes, Mia.” He stroked my forearm lying on his chest and dug his fingers in my hair massaging my scalp.

    I mumbled against his skin unable to speak, lost in the feel of him all over me.

    Stirring my cup of coffee, as I watched the cream swirl in the cup, I felt more rested than I had in years.

    Michael did this.

    I felt so safe in his arms that I didn’t wake up once last night with a nightmare. I don’t think I had a dream at all as a matter of fact.

    Michael kissed me goodbye early in the morning after we talked about seeing each other again soon.

    The relationship wasn’t going to be easy, but he promised he wasn’t kissing me goodbye.

    “You must have had a real good time this weekend, Doctor.” The voice pulled me out of my happy thoughts. A nurse leaning against the counter studied me with a shitty ass grin.

    “Yeah, it was decent.” I didn’t feel like talking to her. It was none of her damn business.

    Pointing at my neck, she laughed. “From the love bite on your neck, I’d say it was a little more than decent.”

    Dropping the spoon, my hand flew to the spot that he’d bit the night before. “Shit,” I muttered covering the spot.

    “Happens to the best of us.” She giggled and shrugged.

    “I have to go cover this up before I see patients. Nice seeing you.”

    I didn’t know her name and felt kind of shitty about not addressing her properly, but there were too many damn people that worked in the hospital to memorize them all.

    I started to walk away but she called out to me, “You’re not even going to give me any details? I did help you out.”

    I called out over my shoulder to her, “I’m in a rush, but maybe another time.”

    I heard her mumbling nasty words as I closed the door to the bathroom.

    “Fuck,” I said, as I leaned closer to the mirror, inspecting the red mark on my neck.

    We were both too caught up to put much thought into anything, especially a hickey.

    Pulling a tube of cover-up from my purse, I dabbed the cream over the spot on my neck and sighed. It screamed ‘love bite’. I pulled my ponytail to the side as I tried to hide it.

    It shouted ‘hey I’m hiding something’.

    I walked down the hall and nodded at the few people who walked by before making it to the heart of the ER. “Who needs to be seen?” I asked Constance, the station supervisor, as I leaned over the counter, staring at her mountain of paperwork.

    “Room seven needs assistance I think. Check the board.” She didn’t look up at me as she shuffled the papers.

    My eyes looked over each row and stopped dead on one name.


    Unable to move, I stared at the board and heaviness settled over my body. My heart ached as it hammered inside my chest, wanting to burst.

    “What’s wrong, Doc?” Her warm hands touched my fingers, breaking my trance.

    “Gallo in room seven,” I said, swallowing the lump that formed in my throat.

    “Motorcycle accident, serious injuries. Is there a problem, Dr. Greco? You’re white as a ghost.”

    I shook my head without looking at her. I needed to know if Michael lay in that room. “No, I’m okay. Let me get in there and help.”

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