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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(32) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Anesthesia can do funny things to a person’s brain.”

    “I thought about messing with his head, but my ma would’ve beat me. He seems okay, but he’s pretty f**ked up. The surgeon said it’s going to be a long recovery. They had to put a metal rod in his leg and there’s pins sticking out and shit. His hand is in a cast and his fingers are swollen. Yeah, he’s f**ked for now.” He shrugged. “At least he’s alive.”

    Touching his hand, I caressed the rough skin on his palm near his fingers. “It’s going to be tough on him, but your family will help him through it. How are your parents holding up?” Stepping closer, I leaned against him.

    He stared at my fingers as I stroked them. “They’re doing okay. Worried, naturally, but better now that he’s out of the woods. They need sleep. I keep telling them to go home and rest, but they’re hard-headed.”

    He wrapped his arm around me and feathered a kiss against my forehead.

    “Seems to be a family trait,” I said, laughing and gripping his shirt. I closed my eyes, inhaling his musky cologne.

    “Code blue, room two,” a voice blared through the hallway.

    Damn. I wanted more than a minute against his warm hard body.

    “I have to go.” I frowned, resting my head against his chest. “Go home and rest, Mikey, and I’ll see you tomorrow or today… whatever it is,” I said, pushing off him and started to walk away.

    Grabbing me around the waist, he brought his lips to my ear and whispered, “It’s Michael, Doc. I don’t remember hearing you moan Mikey as you came on my cock.”

    The vibration of his voice and his breath in my ear made me shiver.

    “I have to go. You’re a naughty boy, Mikey,” I said, as I pushed away from his body, freeing myself from his grip.

    I could hear his deep laughter as I ran toward room two and the patient in cardiac arrest.

    Chapter 14

    I kept a vigil at my brother’s bedside with the rest of my family throughout the night. On the verge of collapse, I found a quiet spot to close my eyes. Pulling up a chair, I stretched my legs out, and rested my head against the wall. I wanted to wait for Mia to finish her shift.

    I tried to quiet my mind but all I could think about was Tammy. I didn’t believe for a moment that she was pregnant, let alone with my child.

    I knew sure as shit, we weren’t engaged so why would I even remotely believe her bullshit? The woman was clearly delusional and I needed to find a way to set her ass straight and quick, before it blew up in my face.

    Using the front of my shoe, I pried the other one off my foot before repeating the process with my toes. I grabbed my shirt, bringing it to my nose and sniffed. Didn’t smell as bad as I thought after being at the hospital so long.

    Rubbing my face, I yawned and crossed my arms, resting them on my chest.

    What the f**k was I going to do about Tammy.

    Bat shit crazy Tammy.

    A pregnancy test would show her for the bullshitter she was and put her lies to rest in a hurry, but how?

    We didn’t have sex more than a couple times in the last six weeks and I always wore a condom.

    I didn’t want a baby – at least not yet and certainly not with a woman like her.

    Could someone even know that they were pregnant in that time?

    I had a dick and the female reproductive system mystified me.

    I tried to force Tammy out of my mind. Just the thought of her pissed me off, making my blood pressure rise.

    I thought of Mia, trying to calm my nerves. There was something different about her, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. There was a natural ease I felt when she was at my side.

    What if they knew each other? Fuck, I never thought of it.

    My heart pounded as my eyes flew open. My palms grew sweaty as I thought about the possibility of my worlds colliding in one giant clusterfuck.

    I couldn’t make myself crazy.

    I pushed the thought of Tammy out of my mind and thought of Mia – the feel of her skin, her brilliant smile, and her infectious laugh.

    My head fell to the side, scaring the living shit out of myself. I needed my bed, solid sleep, and a good ass kicking in the gym to set my body and mind right. I felt stiff after sleeping for three hours in an unnatural position.

    I cracked my neck, gaining my bearings as I walked back to Joe’s room. I needed to check on him.

    My parents, Izzy, and Anthony had disappeared while I was gone. Suzy had crawled in bed and carefully placed her body around him. He watched her as she slept in his arms.

    I cleared my throat to get his attention.

    Holding his finger to his lips he motioned for me to sit.

    “You scared the shit out of us, Joe.” I grabbed the chair, setting it down on the opposite side of the bed that Suzy laid.

    “I wouldn’t go out like that, brother. I have too much to live for to leave this world,” he whispered, looking down at Suzy. “I feel like shit though.”

    “You look like shit too.” I smiled.

    I would’ve never been the same without him in my life.

    He laughed, wincing as his body shook. “Everything f**king hurts. I’m going to be out of commission for a while – a long while.”

    “Doesn’t matter, just get better, man.”

    “At least I didn’t f**k up my tattooing hand, but I’m not going to be walking anytime soon.” He flexed his good hand, balling it into a fist.

    “I’ll wheel your ass in everyday if I have to. Maybe you can get one of those scooters all the old bastards use.” I smirked.

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