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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(42) by Chelle Bliss
  • She to me with a wide grin to show me the large princess cut diamond ring. My chest ached as my heart thundered against my insides.

    I felt sick. I wanted to curl into a ball and cry.

    “You knew about the baby?” I asked in horror.

    His nostrils flared as he blinked slowly. “She’s not having my baby, Mia,” he said through gritted teeth.

    Tammy pushed on his chest. “How can you deny your own child!” she screeched.

    “Shut the hell up, Tammy,” he roared as a crowd began to form in the hall.

    I had never been so embarrassed in my life. I hung my head, gathering my thoughts.

    I needed to get the f**k out of here.

    “Mia, you’ve got to believe me. She’s crazy and making it up,” he begged, holding out his hand to me.

    Looking at his hand, I took a step back. “She has a ring, Michael. I don’t know what to think. I need time.” Wiping the tear with the back of my hand as it slid down my cheek, I said, “Don’t call me anymore.”

    “But Mia.” His eyes were large and sad.

    “No,” I replied quickly. “Don’t touch or talk to me. You need to work things out with your fiancé and future mother of your child. There’s no room for me in your life. I don’t date cheaters and I certainly don’t fall in love with men that run out on their responsibilities.”

    His hand dropped to his side as he stared at me. “Mia, you know she’s crazy, right?”

    “I’m right here, dickhead,” Tammy yelled, punching him in the arm.

    His arms flexed and his hand twitched. “Don’t f**king touch me, you insane bitch. I know where the f**k you are, you’re like a crazy nightmare that won’t go the f**k away.”

    “I don’t have time for this bullshit.” I shook my head, tears threatening to turn into sobs. “You two deserve each other,” I said, before turning my back to them.

    “Mia,” Michael yelled as I walked away.

    Hanging my head, I hid my eyes from the onlookers that had gathered in the hallway. I could hear their voices as I disappeared in the bathroom.

    Finding an open stall, I closed my self in and shut the outside world out. I sat on the toilet and rocked. Silent tears racked my body. I realized the only person that had made me feel safe turned into my biggest fear, heartache and devastation.

    Michael Gallo crashed into my world and turned it upside down.

    I couldn’t sit here and cry over a man that I’d only known a couple of weeks, even though I wanted to. Patients waited for me. I couldn’t spend another moment wallowing in what could’ve been and will never be.

    Fuck Michael Gallo and that crazy whore too.

    Anger bubbled inside as I stood and walked out of the stall to dry my face.

    My phone started beeping, text messages coming in rapidly from Michael. I turned the ringer off and stuffed it in my pocket before reaching for the door.

    It was going to be a miserable shift at the ER.

    Chapter 20

    “Sit down, baby. Tell me what’s wrong,” my ma said, pulling out a chair for me.

    She really was sweet and I felt shitty to throw this on her, but I needed her.

    “I didn’t know who else to come to, Ma.” Sitting down, I rested my hands in my lap. I stared her straight in the eye as I leaned back and figured out how to break this to her.

    “I’m always here for you. You look like shit, Michael.” She reached out and caressed my cheek with a small smile.

    I smiled and leaned into her touch as she soothed me. “I don’t even know where to being with this clusterfuck,” I said scrubbing my hands across my face.

    “Only because you’re so upset will I let that word slide in this house today.”

    “Sorry, Ma.” I shrugged. “Alright, here it is.” I let out a breath before speaking. “About six weeks ago I started seeing this woman, Tammy.”

    “Seeing as in dating or…” she looked at me with one eyebrow higher than the other.

    I sighed, wishing I could avoid the entire conversation. “We weren’t dating. We hooked up a couple of times.”

    “God, I hope you used protection.” She shook her head. “All these horrible diseases out there today.”

    “Ma, can I tell you the story or are you going to interrupt me?”

    She laughed, patting my hand. “You go ahead, son. Sorry. I’ll sit here and listen.” Resting her head in her hand, she stared at me.

    Her facial expressions changed as I told her the story. Her eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth hung open by the time I finished. “Can I ask some questions now?” she asked.

    Nodding, I motioned for her to ask.

    “So you didn’t ask her to marry you?


    “And she’s not pregnant either?”


    “Are you sure she’s not pregnant?” she asked, tilting her head as she rubbed her chin.

    “Fuck if I know, Ma. I wore a condom the couple times we did it. Not one busted and all came from my pocket.”

    “You said she’s crazy, how crazy we talkin’ - Cathy Bates Misery crazy or what?”

    “She could be Cathy Bates’ daughter.” I laughed.

    “Jesus Christ, son. Didn’t we raise you boys right?” She rubbed the back of her neck. She shook her head, leaning back in her chair, and stared at me.

    “You did, Ma. Sometimes we just kinda let our other head do the thinking.” I looked down at the table, flicking a crumb near my arm.

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