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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(49) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Stop calling me that!” Tammy yelled, covering her ears.

    Enter psycho Tammy.

    “You’re lying about my baby.” Her hands fell to her stomach as she cradled herself. “He’s in there.” She caressed her stomach.

    Dr. Singh looked stupefied. I’m sure she was used to a bit of crazy dealing with hormonal pregnant women all the time, but Tammy was her own special brand.

    “You can always get a second opinion.” The doctor rubbed her head before she started to scribble in the file.

    I sat there, not wanting to cause a scene in the doctor’s office by confronting Tammy with her lie.

    “I will. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    The doctor’s eyebrows shot up. She saw the crazy. Recognized Tammy for who she really was – coo coo.

    “It’s your right as a patient,” the doctor said, trying to calm the situation.

    Tammy jumped off the table, adjusting her pants as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Let’s get the f**k out of here, Michael. I need to find a real doctor.” She glared at Dr. Singh.

    The doctor looked at me dumbfounded. “I’m sorry,” she said with a halfhearted smile.

    I shrugged and tried to hide my smile. “Don’t worry about it, Doctor. It’s not your fault.”

    “What the f**k? Yes, it is. She’s lying to us, Michael.” All the tears on her face had disappeared, replaced by cold-blooded hatred.

    “Let’s go, Tammy. Let’s get you out of here.” I held my hand out to her as I bit my lip.

    No one spoke as we walked out of the room. Tammy walked right by the checkout desk before bursting into the waiting room. “She’s a fraud,” she yelled at the room full of women with swollen bellies.

    “Shh,” I said as I clamped my hand around her mouth from behind. “Save it for outside,” I whispered in her ear.

    I kept my hand on her mouth as we left the doctor’s office.

    As soon as we made it outside, she yelled. “I can’t believe her. There’s a baby in my belly.” She rubbed her stomach and stared at her hands.

    “Let’s just get you home.” I wanted to drop her off and immediately file for a restraining order. My suspicions were correct and it was time to put Tammy in the past.

    “Will you stay and hold me?” She looked at me with wide eyes, clinging to my shirt.

    “I will.” I hated lying, but with Tammy it was easy. I didn’t flinch with my words. “Come on, get in. I’ll stay as long as you need,” I said as I opened the door, holding it open.

    She gave me a weak smile as I closed the door and fought every instinct I had to run. After I climbed in, she curled up to me. She held my arm as I drove and I didn’t look at her or return her touch. We drove in silence.

    “You’re coming in, right?” She looked up from my shoulder with a meek smile on her face as I pulled in her driveway.

    “Yes.” I wasn’t going to f**king cuddle either. This time I wouldn’t leave her house without the scrapbook safely in my possession. “Let’s get you into bed so you can rest.”

    Her smile grew wide as she looked into my eyes. “I can’t think of anything that would make me happier, Michael.” She climbed out of the car and waited for me.

    Holding my arm, she opened the front door.

    “Go get ready and I’ll be right in. I’m going to make us some tea,” I said, wanting her to go away.

    “Oh, okay,” she said as she stood on her tiptoes, kissing my cheek.

    “Take your time, put something comfy on, and I’ll meet you in bed.”

    She walked away with a giant smile on her face, looking back at me before disappearing inside her bedroom.

    I turned on the water, to hide any noise, before I looked through the living room.

    Where the f**k was the scrapbook? It wasn’t on the coffee table like it had been the last time I was here. I started to panic, my heart pounded and sweat beaded on my brow. I needed to find it and get the f**k out of here.

    As I walked by her television I spotted it. Victory was mine. I grabbed it and tucked it under my arm.

    Turning off the water, I stood in the kitchen, out of her line of sight from the hallway. “You okay in there?” I called out to her.

    “Yeah, I’m going to jump in the shower to freshen up. Okay, baby?” she replied from the bedroom.

    “Go ahead. I’m just finishing up with the tea. I’ll be waiting for you.”

    “I’m hurrying,” she yelled.

    As the shower turned on, I waited, listening for her to climb inside. I left the house as quiet as humanly possible before jumping in my truck and breathing a sigh of relief.

    I could only imagine the scene when she walked out and didn’t see me there. She wasn’t my issue to deal with anymore; it was for the law to handle.

    First stop would be Izzy to put the block back on my phone and then to George. I needed to sign the restraining order and have it executed.

    Mia was the next thing to resolve.

    I had to get her back.

    She was the one prize I couldn’t lose.

    Chapter 23

    I stared out of the sliding glass doors that led out to my lanai, sipping a cup of coffee. I inhaled the sweet scent as I watched the palm trees sway in the summer breeze. I needed to blow off some steam. Running was the best option but out of the question in the blazing sun and humid air. Even early in the morning, the humidity outside was enough to make your hair instantly frizz and your skin damp within seconds.

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