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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(53) by Chelle Bliss
  • Colors burst behind my eyelids as I rode the wave of ecstasy until I gasped for air through blurry eyes.

    Michael wrapped his arms around me, cradling me against his chest as he cried out in his own rapture. He twitched and his body shook in waves.

    Releasing my body from his arms, he held himself above me. “Jesus Christ,” he huffed out before shaking his head. “That was amazing. Fuck, I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

    I didn’t reply. My mind was muddled from the bliss it had just experienced. He rested his forehead against mine; his harsh breath skidded across my skin. “Getting you pissed off has its advantages.”

    Not in a million years did I think we’d be in this situation when I sat there staring out the window sipping my coffee. I figured I was through with Michael Gallo, but after a kiss and mind-blowing sex, the craving was back worse than ever.

    My vision blurred as I thought about all we’d been through the last couple of days. I didn’t think the Tammy situation was over, but Michael said he’d handle her. I had no doubt in his abilities, but her craziness couldn’t be planned for. She was the most dangerous form of opponent.

    “What are you thinking?” he asked, as he turned over stretching out across the bed. He slid his hand under my body pulling me to him.

    “I don’t know what to think.” I snuggled into him and let the tears flow.

    “Hey, hey. Don’t cry. I know it was good, but I’ve never brought a girl to tears before.”

    “You ass,” I said, smacking his chest. “I’m scared, Michael.”

    “Of what?”

    “You, Tammy, this,” I said, waving my hand over his body.

    “Don’t worry about Tammy. She’s being dealt with. Don’t be scared of me or us. We got off track, thrown off by a person nuttier than a Snickers bar.”

    I bit my lip to stifle a laugh. “You have such a way with words.” I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I laughed and buried my face in his side.

    “Well, how would you describe her?”

    I looked up at him and the tears of worry turned to those of uncontrollable laughter. “You hit the nail right on the head.”

    “That’s enough about her. Let me just enjoy the feel of you in my arms. No more talking, Doc.”

    I snuggled into his side and closed my eyes. I’ve never slept so contently as I had when I was in his arms. Closing my eyes, I let his warmth and steady breathing lull me to sleep.

    Chapter 24

    I stroked her arm until her breathing deepened and soft snores fell from her lips. I didn’t know if I should be proud or a little disturbed at how easily she slept in my arms. I’d do anything to keep Mia in my life and make her happy. I wasn’t anywhere near ready to get down on one knee and propose or whisper the words ‘I love you’ in her ear, but I cared for Mia and didn’t want to be without her.

    I slept for a short time and watched her sleep after I woke. She had small faint freckles on her sun-kissed cheeks. Her eyes brows were thick and dark but neatly groomed. Her nose fit her face and had a delicate narrow shape. Her lips were luscious and thick and were made for kissing. The filthy things she said to me this morning almost made my heart stop. All blood in my body went to my dick as she smacked me around a little.

    “Hey,” she said in a drowsy voice.

    “Sleep well?”

    “Like a rock.” She yawned and nuzzled her cheek against my pec.

    “What do you want to do today, Mia? I want to spend the day with you.” I brushed the hair from her eyes.

    “I’m going to the clinic for a couple hours this afternoon.”

    “Can I come?”

    She looked at me and smiled. “Yes, but it won’t be a happy day. Have you ever noticed the real poor people in this area?”

    “I have seen the homeless people on the corners.”

    “They’re the tip of the iceberg, Michael. It’s the ones that you don’t see that are the most heartbreaking. The little kids that come in dirty and in need of basic medical care.”

    “If it’s that sad, why do you do it? Why not just stick to the ER?”

    “It’s rewarding and I feel I’m making a difference. The ER has its own type of rewards but mostly it’s filled with sadness.” She sighed as she rolled out of my arms. She sat up, pulling her knees against her chest. “They’re both sad really, but the ER is filled with despair. It sucks the life out of me. Every time I have to tell a family that we were unable to save their loved one, a small piece of me dies, Michael.” Tears formed in her eyes and she laid her head on her knees. “I feel absolutely helpless when I try to save a life and fail. When I try to sleep I can still hear the patients screaming in pain or the anguish of the families as I break the news to them. It doesn’t leave you. Ever.” She wiped her cheeks and sniffled.

    I sat up running my fingers across her damp cheeks. “Why don’t find a way to you work at the clinic then?”

    “There’s no money; it’s all volunteers. I’d love to be there full-time and make it my mission to bring the best medical care to the people of the area, but we don’t have the funding. I get meds from the pharmaceutical reps that visit the hospital and we all chip in as much as possible to pay the salary for the receptionist and rent. We get some money from the state and county, but it’s minimal, laughable actually.”

    “Maybe my family could help. What would you guys need to fund the clinic?” I pulled her in my lap and wrapped my arms around her.

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