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  • Hook Me(Men of Inked #2)(56) by Chelle Bliss
  • “That would be fine, Cammie. I can see what’s going on and how I can help.”

    She showed me to a tiny office in the back. I could hear Mia speaking with a patient in the next room. The words were muffled but it was her voice. Cammie had the office organized and the files up to date, which made the task of determining their financial need easier.

    They had a couple thousand dollars in the bank and Cammie said that rent was the biggest expense. The place needed to be rehabbed from the inside out.

    I searched the filing cabinet for the rental agreement. They paid a thousand a month, which was cheap for retail space. I made a list of needs with an estimated cost to get the place in check with some extra financial padding. The first step would be purchasing the building and the land it sat on, then giving the place a facelift.

    It certainly was doable and wouldn’t take much financially to make this a stable non-profit that wouldn’t have to scrape by to make ends meet.

    Rubbing my eyes, the door opened and Mia walked in. “How’s it going in here?” she asked, wrapping her arms around my neck and settling in my lap.

    “Good. I have a plan and just spoke to my Ma and the landlord.”


    “We’re going to make it happen, Mia. I already have the wheels in motion.” I leaned back in the chair, lifting her to move with me.

    “You don’t waste any time, do you?” She rubbed her nose against the tender skin of my neck and inhaled.

    I cupped her ass and squeezed. “You’re going to owe me something big for all this.”

    “What do you want?” She smirked.

    “I’m going to think long and hard about that before giving you a definitive answer.”

    “You do that. I just wanted to say hi. I have to go, there are a bunch of people out there waiting to be seen.” She patted my shoulder before trying to climb off my lap.

    I pulled her back down, running my lips down her jaw. “I want some sugar first.”

    She laughed and rolled her eyes. “Only a kiss.”

    “What else would I mean?”

    The kiss was soft and sweet. I smiled as she winked at me before walking out the door.

    I spent the afternoon jotting down notes, making lists, and calling everyone I knew to help make this place the best it could be. It would be Mia’s dream and her little bit of serenity.

    Chapter 25

    It was finally the night – Michael’s MMA match.

    I wanted to look stunning.

    Picking through my closet, I found my favorite black pencil skirt, a white cami and my kick ass Jessica Simpson peep toe heels. I spent extra time on my makeup and straightened my hair.

    I felt tense as I drove to the arena to see him before his fight. I sat in the car for a few minutes to calm my nerves before I made my way to the doors. My stomach gurgled as I followed the extra tall security guard through the backstage area to a door that read “Michael ‘The Iceman’ Gallo.”

    After knocking on the door, I smoothed my skirt, wiping my hands against the soft material. My legs were wobbly as I waited for someone to open the door.

    Why in the hell was I so nervous? I didn’t like the thought of Michael fighting another man, but my stress level was high enough that someone would think that it would be me stepping in the cage.

    The door cracked opened and Rob smiled. “Hey, Mia,” he said, opening the door.

    “Hey, Rob,” I said, as I entered the dimly lit room.

    “Yo, dude, Mia’s here,” Rob yelled causing me to jump. “Sorry, didn’t mean to yell in your ear.”

    “Oh, it’s okay. I’m just jumpy.” I saw Michael sitting in a chair looking more stiff than normal and turned to Rob. “Is he okay?”

    “Yeah, he’s doing great. He gets moody before a fight.”

    Nodding to Rob, I moved toward Michael, stopping in front of him. I placed my hand on his head, running my fingers through his hair as he kept his eyes pointed at the floor. “Michael,” I said, as I stroked his hair.

    He didn’t say a word but reached out and wrapped his hand around my calf. He slid his fingers up my leg and under my skirt, gripping my thigh roughly.

    “No sex before the match,” Rob said before walking out.

    His eyes slowly moved up my body, stopping at my br**sts before settling on my face. His grip tightened as he pulled me closer, resting his head against my abdomen.

    “You okay, Michael?” My hand stilled in his hair.

    “I can smell you,” he said hoarsely.

    “Dick,” I said, as I swatted his back. “You had me freaked out and you’re being a pig.”

    His body shook as his laughter grew and filled the room. “I’d rather pound your tight, wet pu**y than beat this guy's face to a pulp right now.” His fingers slid against the edge of my panties and stopped.

    “You can have me all night long after you win your match. The quicker you end it, the sooner you’ll have me in your bed,” I said with a shaky breath.

    His finger glided across the satin material of my underwear and rubbed against my clit. My breath caught in my throat as I stood before him, lost in his touch.

    “We have a few minutes and I know just how I want to spend them,” he said, wrapping his other arm around my waist.

    His fingers dipped inside my panties as I fisted his hair and closed my eyes. My head tipped back as he brought me to the brink of orgasm. My body swayed as his grip increase, steadying me.

    My calves stung from the tension and the orgasm that was just out of reach. I opened my legs as far as possible in the restrictive skirt and leaned into his touch.

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